A Majority on the March?


Alas, we didn’t make it to the march. We’ve been running around doing errands and stuff in Maryland. (Besides, the hubby is going to a rally tomorrow to keep the Moral Majority folks out Montgomery County Schools — where Parker will be going when he’s old enough.) But I did find this picture on the AntiWar.Com blog, which says the march drew 200,000 to 250,000. At least one news report agrees that we’re talking 100,000 or more.

Police Chief Charles H. Ramsey, noting that organizers had hoped to draw 100,000 people, said, “I think they probably hit that.”

A few hundred people in a counterdemonstration in support of Bush’s Iraq policy lined the protest route near the

FBI building. The two groups shouted at each other, a police line keeping them apart.

Ramsey said the day’s protest unfolded peacefully under the heavy police presence. “They’re vocal but not violent,” he said.

Not being there, I really can’t say. But I’ve done my share of marches in Washington, and based on the pictures I’ve seen, it looks like a pretty good crowd. One hundred thousand seems like a reasonable number. And it sounds like the marchers run the spectrum of political beliefs.

While united against the war, political beliefs varied. Paul Rutherford, 60, of Vandalia, Mich., said he is a Republican who supported Bush in the last election and still does — except for the war.

“President Bush needs to admit he made a mistake in the war and bring the troops home, and let’s move on,” Rutherford said. His wife, Judy, 58, called the removal of

Saddam Hussein “a noble mission” but said U.S. troops should have left when claims that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction proved unfounded.

“We found that there were none and yet we still stay there and innocent people are dying daily,” she said.

Arthur Pollock, 47, of Cecil County, Md., said he was against the war from the beginning. He wants the soldiers out, but not all at once.

“They’ve got to leave slowly,” said Pollock, attending his first protest. “It will be utter chaos in that country if we pull them out all at once.”

There’s march pictures from all over on Flickr.


Including this one of a protest drumline from my coworker, Tim.

WIlliam Rivers Pitt has liveblogged the march.

And as for the title of this post, well, we kinda are a majority now.


Weird. I’ve never been in any kind of majority before.

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  1. Chance says:

    This is great news. 🙂

  2. Todd says:

    I would have done anything to be there, especially since my school has not started yet. But I’m all the way across the country, and am nothing more than a low-income college student. So I caught some of it on C-Span — basically the only tv station that gave a fair and balanced view of the whole thing.

    And it sucked how some of the buses from Virginia and New York arrived late.

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