Where the News is Always Good

I came across this in the Washington Post now there’s a place where even president Bush (who doesn’t read the news) can go to get the kind of news he wants: HappyNews.com.

Here’s what the Post had to say about it.

Happynews.com, started three months ago, covers many of the international, national, sports and entertainment stories that the big guys do. But as the name implies, it doesn’t cover them the same way. Happynews doesn’t do bummers: no death, no destruction, no shocking Lindsay Lohan weight-loss updates. Which is to say, it doesn’t do the kinds of stories that have come to define the contemporary concept of “news.”

Unlike the media’s bad news bearers, Happynews’s glass is always at least half-full, and sometimes it bubbles right over. It is Prozac for the eyes: “India proposes free school for one-girl families,” it declared brightly yesterday. A typical story from its international section might be “Food Aid to Niger Increases,” while its sports section includes the likes of “Long-distance swimmer conquers Great Lakes.”

…So far, Happynews seems to have struck a chord. Reese says the site got 70,000 unique visitors in its first full month of operation in August and traffic has been building since then. (He makes no linkage to the onslaught of bad news lately). He’s also seeing something he’s never seen in his years creating Web sites: Daily fan mail. Which, of course, makes him happy.

Interesting. I’ll add them to my RSS reader, but I’m not making any promises that it’ll change the tone of this blog.

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  1. neilemac says:

    Summer of 1973 a group of friends whom had met at Leland Powers School of Radio, Television & Theater in Boston were out of work actors and performers. We created the weekly “Good Day” newspaper in which I wrote a four page Astrology column. But the rag was short-lived because our commitment to ‘only good news’ was hampered by politicians whom wanted ‘ad’ space. We did not do politics (when is it ever good news, rarely), we did not do anything promoting ‘negative vibrations’ (it was the ’70’s afterall) so rather than be taken to task by those whom insisted we were discriminatory by rejecting their attempts to advertise, we shut our baby down. The guys were never going to cut their hair either. Aaah. Those truly were ‘the good old days!’ We had optimism galore. However, the bad news is, we lost touch when I moved to Montréal in the fall. Anyone reading this comment that knows Jimmy Kendricks, Sunny (Allison) Kelly or Linda Post, I would be extremely elated to have news (good or bad) of their whereabouts.
    And thanks T for reminding me of that amazing era. I’ll definitely click into HappyNews.com. namasté

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