NaNoWriMo: In Which I Realize What I’ve Done

2005 Participant TransIt only took a couple of days to sink in. I think it was today when I was having some down-time at Borders Books before going to the DemsTV taping. I looked up at all those books, and realized that I’d publicly committed to writing one when I announced my participation in National Novel Writing Month. That was when I had my “oh my god what have I gotten myself into” moment. Ya know, the one many other people have upon committing to something.

It’s not that I lack for ideas. Any one who’s known me for a long time has probably heard me muse about one or two kernels of ideas I’ve mused about turning into a novel some day. At the moment I’ve got two rolling around in my head. One would actually be approaching the science fiction genre, with some religious/mysitcal overtones thrown in. It could actually turn into a series, if it ever gets written, because the original idea lends itself to that very easily. The other would be a gay-themed crime story/murder mystery set in D.C. with more a bit of politics thrown in.

It’s just a matter of how. I’ve basically got a couple of weeks to pick a story, sketch out some characters, and a skeleton of a plot before I start writing on November 1. Knowing myself well enough to know that if I can do it on the computer it’s more likely to get done, I remembered that a few years back I purchased a piece of software called the Writer’s Dreamkit, to help with outlining a story I wanted to write (one of the above-mentioned) but never quite got off the ground. Turns out that it came with both PC and Mac versions on one CD, so I’ll probably put it to work in the next couple of weeks, as I try to come up with at least an outline for what I’m going to write.

Then there’s the business of sitting down in front of the computer and banging it out. The blank screen isn’t any less intimidating than than the blank page, but then I realize I’ve been facing and filling blank screens for 2 years since I started blogging. And considering that the minimum word limit is 50,000, chances are I’ve probably written that much or more during any given month since I’ve been blogging.

BTW, one thing I’m not going to do is “blog my novel”; that is, set up a blog to publish it. I’m not quite ready for a creative process quite that open. Once it’s done I’ll decide just when and how (or if) I’ll release it.

My biggest challenge will be writing without critiquing as I go along; that and resisting the urge to start rewriting before I’m even finished with a first draft. Come November, I’ll try to post regular

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