The video iPod is here.


And the new iTunes includes music videos and TV shows. I think my assimilation is now complete, because I totally want one of these, even though I totally don’t need one. I think I’m now officially a MacHead.

Really, though, I think this is going to be huge. It’s may even be the beginning of the end of “prime time” and the network TV schedule, though Tivo may be said to have begun that already. Now you can not just watch it when you want, but where you want. Download the show you missed last night and watch it on the subway, etc.

And I can’t even begin to talk about the new iMac.

I gotta go lie down for a while.

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4 Responses to vidPod

  1. EricBrian says:

    I just ordered the 60 GB one. 🙂

    Now, all I am waiting for is a new Powerbook. I was so hoping that they would update that line.

  2. Terrance says:

    One more thing. This will forever change the porn industry as we know it.

  3. Kurt says:

    I don’t think the video ipod is going to have anywhere near that kind of dramatic effect. Portability is key for music, but significantly less so with video. For every person you have who would watch a TV show on the subway commute, you have thousands who (a) don’t have a public transportation commute, or (b) wouldn’t want to watch a TV show on a 2.5″ screen.

    DVR, DVD and BitTorrent have a much greater effect on viewing habits, and rightly so. They deliver the same content at the same (or similar) quality.

    I would expect the video ipod to be used more to store and share music videos and other novelty videos (like clips of shows you would want to show friends who you don’t necessarily see at your home).

  4. KathyF says:

    I wish Apple would concentrate on making more reliable hardware and stop hitching their success to iPods. But then I’ve had a particularly trying couple of months.

    iBook: logic board dies, August
    iMac, hard drive crashes, September
    iMac, logic board dies, October

    Last century’s G4, which I hauled out of the closet, works fine. When I took the iBook in, the guy said they were inundated with repairs and wouldn’t be getting to it any time soon. My iMac, btw, is only 6 months old. Under warranty, but since we got it in the US we can’t get it repaired here.

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