Casting Dem Pods

That ill-concieved pun in the post is a way of announcing that the folks over at DemsTV — where I’ve made a couple of appearances — are already taking advantage of the new generation of video iPods by releasing video podcasts.

Dan Manatt, one of the site’s co-founders, said earlier today that the new video podcast is one of a handful of new ideas DemsTV is rolling out over the next few weeks. The goal appears to be aimed at broadening the scope of the site behind its trademark weekly video roundtable, which tries to be equal parts “Meet The Press” and “Around the Horn.”

He said a number of “channels” will debut on DemsTV in the coming weeks including “D-Span,” the “Creative Channel,” which will feature short satire pieces submitted by viewers and a channel devoted to blogs a la CNN’s “Inside the Blogs”.

So, assuming that I make more appearances on DemsTV (which I will whenever I can), I may be appearing on video iPods in the future. Kinda weird, but kinda cool at the same time.

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2 Responses to Casting Dem Pods

  1. EricBrian says:

    Well, if you appear in Vid Casts, then it would justify you buying a vid ipod!  🙂  hehehehehehe

  2. witchtrivets says:

    Heck yeah.  That is totally cool.  And exactly the kind of program I would want to see on a video ipod — now that my old music-playing ipod has become obsolete.

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