45 Days


My favorite animal rights group, Compassion Over Killing, has a posted their 12 minute documentary on the chicken industry, 45 Days: the Life and Death of a Broiler Chicken, posted at CurrentTV website. I went over there and gave it a “greenlight.” I’m posting it here in cast others want to take a look and do the same.

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  2. Houston says:

    If we required everyone to do their own butchering I’m willing to bet most Americans would become instant vegetarians.  

  3. cluttergirl says:

    So sad. i try to eat organic, freerange if I eat meat at all. As to what Houston says… actually, most people used to do their own butchering. Including all my relatives, grandmom etc. And we ate WAY MORE meat, not less. In fact, doing your own killing does not really turn you off the meat anymore than those who make compost with rotted veggies and worms, and see that the mushrooms grow in sterile chicken shit are turned off of eating vegetables.. it is usually the opposite. People REALLY INTO vegetables relish doing it right, and the feeling of accomplishment. Most hunters eat their own meat. Most farmers eat their own meat. Perhaps killing your own animals only suppresses your compunctions and makes you more callous. The same people I know who kill their own chickens and cattle are the nice family church people who are very loving, and who drown the extra puppies, insist that dogs and cats are meant to be outside (oops re the ears frozen off) and pat the cow talking about the number of steaks on her flanks, instead of oooing over her brown eyes. Every 4-H kid knows a little veal calf is meat on the hoof.

    On the other hand, if everyone did their own butchering, we wouldn,t have these huge anonymous factories where the meat in a hamburger comes from a hundred cows, and a cow may be divided into meat that goes a hundred places, increasing the risk of disease spreading. Good entry.

  4. Tim Who? says:

    Having grown up on a farm I can easily say I would have no problem if i had to kill and butcher dinner. At an early age I can remember my mother saying go out and pick a chicken for dinner. I selected one, broke its neck and defeathered it before bringing it in and I did this all the time.

    I’ve butchered pigs, cows, moose, elk, deer, ducks and more fish than I ever car to see again.

    It didn’t turn me off meat in any way. I don’t find killing animals for food distastefull in any way.

    I do however find this treatment of live animals offensive and sickening. I cared for my animals, I tended them when they needed it and I never mistreated them, even when I knew they were tomorrows dinner.

    There’s no need to treat them this way, none at all.
    Green light!
    Green light!

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