Where Not to Stay In Toronto

Well, one bus ride, one flight, and two taxi rides later we are in a hotel in Toronto. Note that I said a hotel, not our hotel, Town Inn Suites. That’s because when we arrived at our hotel, where we’d made reservations well in advance (over a month in advance, because the hubby does everything early) they informed us that they did not have rooms for us because some other guests had decided to extend their stay.

We discovered the hotel on television. It’s the hotel they use for cast & crew accommodations for First Comes Love on the Logo network. It’s in the heart of Toronto’s gay district. We figure we probably got bumped because someone connected with the show requested a longer stay, and the hotel gets free advertisement on the show.

Anyway. Fortunately for them Parker needed a diaper change at that time and I volunteered to do it. Otherwise they would have gotten a fresh piece of my mind. Instead the hubby dealt with them.

A word or two about our travel habits. Since becoming parents, we try to book a suite — that is something with a kitchen and a separate bedroom and a kitchenette — so that we can have more room for Parker, and so that we can retire to the bedroom when he goes to bed, without worrying about keeping him awake, and so that we can bring the usual foods he likes, etc. and make use of the fridge.

So Town Inn Suites said they’d booked us in another hotel with comparable space, services, etc. Two cab rides later (the first cab took us to the wrong hotel), we’re in the substitute hotel. In a room, not a suite, that’s rather small, has twin beds, and no high-speed internet access. Fortunately, we’ve secured better accommodations for tomorrow.

A word to the wise, if you’re ever in Toronto avoid the Town Inn Suites. You never know when you might get bumped, because someone more important or something settles in for an extended stay, and you’ll end up in not-necessarily-equivilant accommodations.

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5 Responses to Where Not to Stay In Toronto

  1. Peregrinato says:

    Ya went to the city you know I wanna move to and ya didn’t say a thing. tsk, tsk. Now, at least tell me why you’re in Toronto!

  2. ricland says:

    By the way, are you black?

    I ask the question because your Toronto piece tells us nothing about the black experience. Not that this is a requirement, mind you, but that when I read a black blog I want to read the black perspective.

    Maybe it’s just me …


  3. Tallblk03 says:

    Thanks for the 411, my partner and I enjoy traveling and been to Toronto once before….we will definitely make note of this hotel.

    By the way, we just came back from Vancouver BC.. if you all travel to Western Canada — a nice place to stay with suites is the The Meridian at 910 Beach.

  4. Terrance says:

    Um, yes. I’m black. I think it says so in the blog subtitle. However, there was no "black perspective" to finding out that our hotel room had been given away and having to find another hotel.

  5. John P. Hoke says:


    When my wife and I travel with the Lil’ One, we stay in Marriott Residence Inn’s… they are quite nice, granted they may cost a bit more, but the kitchens good, they have nice 1 and 2 bedroom suites and a number I have stayed in have fireplaces in the rooms.

    Granted I may be a bit geared to the marriotts as I travel quite a bit for work (90% travel) and stay 99% of the time in marriotts … so I have lots of marriott rewards points for free stays with the family…but I would stay there even if I had to pay…

    Just ignore the Book of Mormon next to the Gideon Bible in the nightstand 🙂

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