Like Still Attracts Like

That comic little situation in Texas that I wrote about earlier is still unfolding. The folks backing the Texas amendment to ban same-sex marriage were surprised an dismayed to get some unwanted support from the Ku Klux Klan. Try as they might, the homo-haters can’t shake the Klan, who plan on coming to Austin to rally in favor of the amendment. Now the amendment supporters find themselves in the awkward position of rallying in favor of discrimination while simultaneously claiming to oppose the outright hatred of the Klan.

Opponents of a constitutional amendment on the Nov. 8 ballot that would bar same-sex marriage will hold a vigil Saturday in response to a planned “anti-homosexual marriage rally” sponsored by the Ku Klux Klan.

“We will speak for ourselves and not engage the Klan in their rhetoric. It will be a peaceful, nonviolent demonstration,” said Glen Maxey, a former legislator who heads the anti-proposition group No Nonsense in November.

A Klan group, the American White Knights, has reserved space on Austin’s City Hall plaza for a rally in favor of Proposition 2, the constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman.

Texas statutes already ban recognition of gay marriage in Texas.

Don’t these people get it? If anybody recognizes hatred when they see it, it’s the Klan. And they simply want a piece of the action. It’s kind of amazing when birds of a feather fail to recognize their own kind.

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3 Responses to Like Still Attracts Like

  1. Musa says:

    Still laughing from the last time you posted this!

  2. Tim Who? says:

    Don’t you get it?
    Ask anyone on the Right and they’ll explain it to you.

    The Klan are evil, hate filled bigots that want to control other peoples lives and rid society of unclean people.

    The Right are compassionate, love filled caring people that want to control other peoples lives and rid society of unclean people.

    How could you confuse the two?

  3. A. Rickey says:

    And of course, when someone uses an argument of this type against you,  it will be a sign that the Right is horribly, horribly unfair.  (Think, for instance, of anti-semites showing up at an anti-war rally, which isn’t entirely unheard of given the opposition of large parts of both arguments to Israel.)

    But heck, Republicans or right wingers or whoever your <i>bete-noire</i> of the day is are hate-filled and evil. Who could have the temerity to think that of those like the wonderful Terrance, obviously on the side of the angels?

    Come on, T, this is petty. I know it’s emotionally satisfying to pander to such things, but it’s really a lower-level argument.

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