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Since I started blogging a couple of years ago, things have gotten more and more interesting, in ways I could never have imagined. The latest has me thinking of I should work the phrase “internationally known” into the title of my day job. Via the EchoDitto feed (we all contribute links regularly, here are mine), I learned this morning that I got a mention in, of all places, the Hindustan Times.

BEEN THERE, DONE THAT. A veteran speaks his mind.

In his 25 October 2005 post (‘Blogging on the Clock‘), ‘Terrance’ comments on the trend described in the previous section: “I can believe it. I’ve even been there, before I got my current blogging-related job. If you ask me, the amount of time spent blogging or reading blogs at work probably speaks to the reality that a great many of us spend eight-or-more hours a day toiling away at jobs that don’t interest, challenge, or inspire us…” Also: “Meanwhile, some employers are cutting off the discussion by cutting off access to blogs from the office.” P.S.: Terrance Heath is now the blogmaster at EchoDitto

Well, I ain’t exactly hanging out in the green room at CNN, but it’s nice to get the occasional mention somewhere.

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  1. sukumar says:

    good work T.  you are becoming more and more famous.

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