Boondocks Review (w/Spoilers)

Boondocks Gramps

I can say without qualification that last night’s television debut of The Boondocks was…good. I say that mainly because I don’t want to gush. Be warned, THERE ARE SPOILERS TO FOLLOW. If you haven’t seen it yet and you don’t want to know what happens, read no further.

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As pointed out in the Washington Post, the series won’t be covering current events because it took 18 months to get the 13 episodes together. But from what I saw last night, Aaron McGruder hasn’t let a lack of timeliness dull his sensibilities. Last night’s episode had Grandpa and the boys being invited to a garden party by the president of the bank that owns grandpa’s mortgage (a surprising guest appearance by Ed Asner), which featured a audience of wealthy whites who’s only response to Huey’s attempts at enlightenment (“Ronald Reagan was the devil,” “Jesus was black”) is to applaud more.

But the master stroke last night was the appearance of the banker’s nephew — a jive talking, Iraq veteran just returned from the war, who crapped his pants every time he was in battle, comes across as dumb as a box of rocks, sports a big gold “W” on a chain around his neck, and bears more than a passing resemblance to our “Dear Leader.” Oh yeah, Riley shoots him and later his uncle says of him “In 30 years that boy’s gonna be president, and he’ll still be an idiot.” (BTW, Grandpa scores the best quote of the episode with “How many times have I told you, don’t even dream about tellin’ white folks the truth!”)

The only thing that took some getting used to was hearing the characters speak for the first time. For Huey and Riley it was particularly jarring. For some reason, I’d imagined them with somewhat raspier speaking voices, but then I remembered they are kids and I’d thought of them sounding a bit more grown up. Regina King does a good job voicing them, and about 5 minutes or so into the show, I got past any issues I had with the characters’ voices.

Like I said above, I don’t want to gush, but if last night’s episode is any indication, things are off to a good start. I’ll keep The Boondocks on Tivo, definitely.

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4 Responses to Boondocks Review (w/Spoilers)

  1. Melissa says:

    Totally unrelated to this entry (I was yelling at the Eagles as they almost tied the game with the Redskins, and therefore missed the Boondocks last night)-

    Today in Boston, the Eyes Wide Open exhibit is being exhibited in Copley Square. I immediately thought of you, since your blog was the one that introduced me to the project.

    I walked through the rows of soldiers’ boots today at lunch, stopping as I found photos or letters about the individual soldier being represented by a particular pair.

    The boots now fill the entire lawn of Copley Square, and piles of shoes curving around the fountain represented the Iraqi deaths. Both areas were so incredibly powerful in their message– no words were needed.

    Just wanted to say a quick thank you for the heads up about this project.


  2. Monkey! says:

    Oh, man… I didn’t like it at all, really. I thought it was funny, and I LOVE the comic, but I found it a little dull. And I HATED the voice acting.  I guess I didn’t get over my misgivings as you did. 🙂

  3. Nitz123us says:

    I watched this ep as the first exposure to this series.  I’m a white Canadian 20 year old and frankly I have mixed reviews of this show.  I love the concept and the comedy is bang on,  but the animation and the voice acting screams GI-joe meets fat albert.  It’s reminicent of an 80’s cartoon with the quality of animation.  I know every cartoon gets better in animation with age and I shouldn’t be grilling it on the first season,  but with kid’s shows like Avatar, Naruto and other well-animated features you’d expect a show geared towards animation-loving likeminded adults to have somewhat better quality dialogue and character penciling.  Exceptions being any animation with Huey and Riley and any  animation with guns.  The artists seem to have those all down pat.

  4. A pimp named Slickback says:

    This is one of the best shows on TV I dont expect everyone to get the jokes or look at it for meaning but the voices and the animation dont matter when you live this and see  the content  this show  is  not for  everyone  and looking at the phsical part of it shows it not for you

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