DemsTV Appearance Up

My third appearance on DemsTV is up on their website, and I think the video podcast will be up on iTunes soon, if it’s not already. I’m on with Matt Stoller of BOPNews, and Garance Franke-Ruta of American Prospect. For what it’s worth I “won” again. I guess two out of three ain’t bad.

I hadn’t expected to win, so my 30-second “victory lap” was a little garbled. I gave a shout out to Lucas Dawson as a kind of modern Rosa Parks. But I forgot to tie it back in at the end. What I wanted to say by way of wrapping up was this: before you ride in the “front of the bus,” you have to survive. Lucas Dawson stayed alive, so he still has a shot at equality and all the rest.

Anyway, I think this television thing is getting a bit better. I no longer have the urge to run from the room upon seeing myself on screen.

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5 Responses to DemsTV Appearance Up

  1. Susan says:

    Well done, Terrance!  I particularly liked the bit about Judith Miller and NaNoWriMo.

  2. Shaula Evans says:

    You did a great job, Terrance. I just watched it with my husband over lunch.  (I am always home but he comes home for lunch.  I’m lucky that way.)

    His comment:  "They’re great.  But tell them all to get improv training."

    He’s right, so I’m passing it along.  If you ever get the chance, please pick up a workshop in theatre sports.  I promise you it will *really* help with appearances like DemTV, but also even just with dealing with conventional media.

    One of my dream projects (for when I’m healthier), would be to come up to DC and get you and John and Matt and a bunch of the DC area progressive bloggers together, and run a weekend improv workshop for you.  Give me just a few hours and I could teach all of you some good tricks.

    Keep the offer in mind for when I have more wind under my sails.  And, in the meantime, if you ever get to do any improv training, jump on it.

    When I finally got around to taking classes (at the Granville Island Theatre Sports League in Vancouver, where Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie got started), I was amazed at how familiar many of the games were.  Turned out I had spent my childhood playing theaters sports with my dad.  A lot of improv games are very kid-friendly and I suspect would go over well with Parker, even at his age–such as rhyming games, and continued story games.

  3. Julia says:

    Terrence, you rock!

  4. Zach says:

    For as much time as you spend describing yourself as shy and introverted I was really impressed with the job you did on DemsTV. Very enjoyable…great job bud.

  5. keri says:

    Wow – you were great! Congrats on your win – do they give prizes? 🙂

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