NaNoWriMo: Novelist

NovelistIt is finished. Sometime around two o’clock this morning, I wrote the last words in the last scene of my novel for National Novel Writing Month. The button pictured here was given to me by a fellow metro-D.C. NaNoWriMo participant, at the last local (write-in) I attended. I haven’t decided whether I’m actually going to wear it today or not. I can’t believe it, but I wrote the whole thing; from start to finish, I brought an idea I’ve had tucked away in my brain to some form of completion. Given my history, that’s an accomplishment in and of itself. That alone may be reason enough to wear the button.

So now what? Well, I plan to reward myself tonight by getting to bed at a normal hour for the first time in a month. Then I plan to send the whole thing to Kinko’s for printing, after which I may stick it in a drawer and not look at it for at least a month. After that I may pick it up again. I already have some notes for revising it; some characters that need to be fleshed out, some scenes that need a bit more detail, and my main character needs a new job — something political, maybe. February is National Novel Editing Month, but I may start the process sooner than that

A few people have asked if I’m going to try to get it published. To be honest, I don’t know. I don’t think I’ll know that until I’ve gotten some distance from it and done some revising, after which I’ll have some idea whether it’s good enough to send to publishers. Of course I could always go the self publishing route through something like It would probably save me from collecting a file of rejection letters. The site is actually offering to print one copy of NaNoWriMo particpants novels for free. So, that’s an option too.

But for now, it’s done. My most immediate plans are to reward myself tonight with a normal night’s sleep.

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3 Responses to NaNoWriMo: Novelist

  1. KathyF says:

    Congratulations! I’ve finished 3 novels, and each one took less time than the last–but I’ve never written one in a month before. Editing/revising is the best part, in fact, it’s so much fun I go at it for years.

  2. Pronoia says:

    Congratulations! That’s quite an accomplishment!

  3. Tim Who? says:

    I’m set up for large file/high volume printing and can print copies for you here as well. Just let me know what you need.

    I’m also friends with a published author who can point you in the right direction if you desire to go that route.

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