Slouching Towards Narnia

RedState .Org has launched a Narnia Hate Watch. How long before they find me, I wonder?

Here at Redstate we have been struck by the level of unabashed odium that the upcoming film The Chronicles of Narnia has already provoked. Not since The Passion of the Christ have we seen such hatred for a film yet to be released. Thus we inaugurate the NARNIA HATE WATCH.

It is plain to see that men who despise something else make Narnia their stalking horse. They despise American Christianity, or they despise Christianity in general, or perhaps the challenge of the cross confounds and infuriates them. As the Apostle wrote, “For the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing.”

Despise American christianity, or christianity in general? I’ll be the first to admit, as I have before, that I have my own issues with christianity. However, I don’t think they rise to the level of “despising it.” If anything, I think it amounts to a healthy suspicion of people who despise me — as a gay man — and who use their religion as justification for it.

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To that end, the enthusiasm of Focus on the Family for the books/movie is enough to give me pause. And before anyone tells me how harmless they are, Scott has a brief recap of their activities of late.

FOF’s anti-gay ministry is well known. Some of its recent activities include:

* Promoting their ‘ex-gay ministry’ during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in New York;

* Launching campaigns against Wells Fargo and Proctor & Gamble for allegedly being ‘pro-gay’ (in other words, treating people with equal respect);

* Publicly castigating a children’s video including Spongebob Squarepants and characters from Sesame Street because it promoted tolerance and diversity.

Such nice people, eh?

And while I know they don’t speak for all christians, or maybe not even for a majority of christians, they speak pretty damn loud and currently wield more than a little influence with the powers that be. Supreme Court nominees seem to require James Dobson’s blessing these days, for crying out loud.

This New York Times, piece about the folks behind the movie doesn’t do much to alleviate any of the above. (Of course, anything from the NYTimes will be dismissed out of hand by the folks at RedState.Org, Judy Miller notwithstanding.) This article, which goes into more detail about one of the executives behind the movie and its marketing, actually inspires more wariness.

But, hey, nobody’s going to knock on my door and drag me to see this movie — though I had my doubts about the likelihood of that during the mania over The Passion — and, fortunately, my kid isn’t old enough to sit through the movie, let alone want to go see it.

So, though the hoopla is annoyingly unavoidable, I think we’re in the clear on this one. As long as no one gets in the way of the hubby and I seeing Brokeback Mountain over the holidays, I’ll try to keep quiet about the inevitable Narnia rapture. I’ll try, but I make no promises.

Update: I just noticed that one of the commenter at RedState opines:

What happened to the “reasonable skeptic”? Where are the tolerant liberals?

My initial, and somewhat flippant response is that they’re hiding out with the tolerant conservatives.

Still, it poses an interesting question about how tolerant one should be of those who show no signs of reciprocating. Besides, they’re the majority, so does it even matter how much they’re “tolerated”? When it comes to christians, heterosexuals, etc., most of us who are in the minority don’t have much of a choice when it comes to tolerance. It’s something you have to do every day to some degree, just to be able to step out into the world without going mad.

They own the culture. How much tolerance (or deference) do they honestly need from me?

Update: Well, it looks like they found me. I’d say “Welcome RedState.Org readers, but … something tells me they won’t stick around anyway.


My referrer links show that a few folks from RedState.Org have found their way to this post, via a link somewhere on that blog. I can’t find the link, though. I’ve read the “Narnia Hate Watch” post until it gave me a headache. If you can find it, more power to ya.

Update: A bit more information on the RedState.Org link came through. But the referring URL is, and I doubt I can access their editors’ chat. I do wonder what they have to say, though, since none of the visitors from there have commented here.

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  2. Julia says:

     I’m going to print that so I can remember to use it when the whole tolerance thing comes up.

    And what program do you use for the referer?

  3. texas dem says:

    Do we get to lauch a Brokeback Hate Watch?  Which movie do you think will inspire more venomous vitriol?

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