Secret Prison Uncovered in Iraq, SSDD

SSDD = Same Shit, Different Day. On our watch, yet another secret prison is uncovered in Iraq, along with more signs of abuse and torture.

American and Iraqi forces raiding an Iraqi government detention center last Thursday in Baghdad discovered more than 600 prisoners packed into a cramped space, 13 of them mistreated so badly they had to be taken to a hospital, a senior American official said early Monday.

The raid was the second in the past month in which American forces have uncovered mistreatment of prisoners at the hands of Interior Ministry officials. On Nov. 15, soldiers with the Third Infantry Division, charged with controlling Baghdad, entered a ministry bunker in central Baghdad and found 169 malnourished prisoners, some of them tortured. Most of those prisoners were Sunni Arabs.

And America, most of it, yawns and turns the page.

I thought about simply posting this as an aside, because I can’t think of anything to say about it except what I’ve said before. But I can’t resist beating the drum, for whatever it’s worth.

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  1. Jaqua says:

    Today them, tomorrow us, The American Empire created this mess, and then utilize the sensationalism to justify assimilation.  No one wants to talk about the torture that POW face at Gitmo anymore so in other words one countries torturer is another countries patriot.

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