Noah’s Arc Sinking?

I got one comment about Noah’s Arc — the Logo network’s show about the lives of a group of black gay male friends — being in danger of cancellation. I haven’t found any concrete information about that, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

And that’s not a statement about the quality of the show. In the weeks since I started watching, I think the writing and acting has gotten consistently stronger where it started out good to begin with. What we’re up against is a matter simple matter of economics. Speaking as a black gay man, producing a television show for, by and about us — one that doesn’t have to be mined for universality or translated into our lives — probably isn’t all that profitable. We’re a minority within a minority, and it’s a good bet that not all of us in the markets where Logo is offered have cable or satellite TV. And as for the majority of viewers, unused to watching stories they have to translate into their lives, how many are likely to volunteer for that duty where this show is concerned?

Sad to say, but this is America and what pays stays. And telling our stories, in our voices and on our terms, in a medium like television may not pay enough. Maybe it never will.

That may be reality, but I’ve never been a full-fledged realist. I’ve jousted at windmill or two in my day. So, for what it’s worth I’m posting a link to an online petition asking Logo not to cancel Noah’s Arc. I am signer #481, and hope others will sign too. In the meantime, I’m going to see what else I (and other black gay men in the blogosphere) can do to support the show.

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10 Responses to Noah’s Arc Sinking?

  1. Nio says:

    how many are likely to volunteer for that duty where this show is concerned?

    I don’t have cable because I feel it’s a waste of money to *pay* for TV, nor do we have reception where we live (neither of us thinks we’re missing anything without a window into pop culture), however, there are shows I would like to watch and Noah’s Ark is one of them.  Maybe it’ll come out on DVD and I can put it in my queue.

  2. Tim Who? says:

    Its up over 540 signers now.

    I signed not because I like the show. (don’t even have a TV) but because I do think shows like this need to be on the air. There’s room enough for everybody.

    One of the problems with TV today is the total obsession with money. If a new show comes out and doesn’t start bringing in buckets of cash it get cancled. Many of the great classic TV show started slowly and brought in more viewers year after year. If they had come out in this day and age they would be cancled after the first season.

    America (business) has stopped looking at the long haul and started looking at how much can we make TODAY. That short sightedness is killing America faster than anything else.

    Quality has been pushed aside in favor of quarterly profits.
    Investment lost out to shareholder gains.

    Now if a new show’s pilot doen’t earn an x.x share rating it never goes into production. I say you went through all the trouble to create the show, let it run for a while, tweak it if you must but, don’t pitch it too soon give it a chance to take hold.

    In its first two years Seinfeld never even made it into the top 25 and almost got cancled. Star Trek also failed the ratings game and DID get cancled.

    And look what happened to those two.

    I’m not suggesting that this show will be one of TV’s greatest I’m just saying it hard to tell how good a show is right out the gate. The first year is just a warm up. Give it time…Give it time…

  3. etta says:


    I would like to say I like Noah’s Arc it is very interesting to watch a show like this. I am not gay, but enjoy watching the four men help each other out because they are best friends. I see Chance as the father figure for them all, Alex as the mother and Noah and ricky are the children but I like the topic they pick that good let people get the information that they need. I just don’t like the time that  it on at night 9:30p.m. but i can get used  to it. thank you for your time.
    Merry Christmas

  4. marquise briggs says:

    I saw the show for the first time last night or shall I say early this morning and was quite interested in the show.  It’s educational and Im just  at a lost for words. But the show shouldn’t be cancelled that I know for sure.

  5. jonathan says:

     I actually love the show i mean i do see where the acting could better but its good in so many other ways n u do c where they are growing as actors n the writing is great everything thats going on in the show i’ve been through are knows someone who has………..

  6. T Malone says:

    I am a black lesbian, but I love Noah’s Arc!  It is an excelling show and I hope that its cancellation is not being contemplated.

  7. A.D. says:

        I have to admit, being straight and seeing black gay men with their own show  is a total shocked. During the first episode, close to the end, i was very tempted to turn the channel and forget about the show. But the show is very educational to me.

        The show kepps sterotypes from harming it. It shows that gay men can be black and gay and love the people around them. It also mae me want to stay extra protected when have sex and being whom i do it with. Ricky is the one that taught me the. Straight people have the same problems. But the most important t hing this has taught me is that gay people are no different from straight people, they live their lives the same way just with the same sex. It’s all the same drama, love for one another, happiness.
    I recommend people get up, call their cable companies, get LOGO, and watch Noah’s Arc from episode 1-9 in it’s iternity.  It would be sad to see them cancelled a great show that ended and Wade confessing his love for Noah, Trey leaving for South Africa with Guy, Eddie in a mild concaulsion(spell), and Ricky forgeting about Junito. I would like to see season two to see if everyone will get back together. LOGO do not make the mistake of cancelling it. It’s needs time.

  8. Stevie says:

    I’m gonna go ballistic if Noah’s Ark is cancelled. From this GWM, the show is a blast, combining the right mix of drama, camp and serious. And the boys are beautiful.  Jensen Attwood and Darryl Stevens can stay at my place (just outside of Philly) anytime! God, I can’t believe anyone is even considering cancelling this show. We were all left speachless and worried about Wade and Noah in the season finale. OK, so I’m an incurable romantic, but, they’ve got to get back together and as far as i’m concerned, they can spend a full half hour on only the two of them in bed "just making up’!!! Anyone looking for people to fly out and demonmstrate, just call me at ###-###-### (Ed. Note: phone number deleted for security reasons). I’ll be on a jet ASAP. Please don’t let Noah’s Ark fall to corporate stupidity.  There is so much room for so much richness to be developed with these charaters and story lines. And, oh by the way, it should be well considered that thousands of us now have something we can identify with, not Hollywood’s former boiler plate, way off the mark formulaic and meaningless nonsense. Anything I can do, let me know.  Steve Kehler

  9. brent says:

    i love the show.i am a white gay male who just got the logo network and jst loves the show.wade is my favorite.he is the cutes and sexiest by far.i like to see what is like to be balck and gay which is much harded than to be white and gay.i hope logo odes keep the show on the air.the gay world need a show like this to show the gay world from the black man point of view.

  10. Ramona says:

    I’m not Gay, but I can relate to the issues at hand being an African American female in a relationship. Noah’s Arc appeals to me because of its relationship issues dealing with friendship and sexual partners. I love the show and I was glad to see on the web tonight that there will be a 2nd season starting August 9th and season 1 starts again June 7th just to get us ready. Thanks for caring. Ramona

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