WordPress 2.O — Taking the Plunge

I can’t hold out any longer. WordPress 2.0 is out, and there’s a new version of my current theme to go with it.

Chances are, I’ll back up my database, etc., tonight and give the upgrade a try. If the new theme breaks, I’ll go back to the old one. If the whole thing breaks, there will be weeping, gnashing of teeth, tearing of hair, and rending of garments.

Then I’ll just revert back to the old site.

Update: Victory! (I think.) The upgrade seems to have gone off without hitch. I grabbed the new version of the theme, and customized it a bit, updated a few plugins, and after a bit of tweaking I had a blog again. I’ll have to kick the tires a bit before I have any serious critique of WordPress 2.0, but things look good so far.

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4 Responses to WordPress 2.O — Taking the Plunge

  1. Justin says:

    AFAIK, you can test the install in a separate directory on your live database, or else a copy of it. No need to take an all-or-nothing plunge.

  2. Terrance says:

    Victory!  I think I did it, and without any major problems. I got the update for the theme, and and had to jettison a couple of plugins and upload some new one’s but it looks good.

  3. EricBrian says:

    Yeah, Terrance. 🙂  I going to do it tongiht too. 🙂

  4. Mark says:

    Any little quirks to share, or was it pretty painless? 

    I do, notice, a slight change to the right-hand column in terms of fonts. Not sure if that’s intended, though.

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