Test Blog Post

Can you see this? Because I can’t. My ISP is having network issues, so I can’t reach my blog from my home. But apparently other people can see it, because I’m still getting emails when there are comments posted. Of course I can’t get in to approve the coments that are in moderation, just like I can’t post anything either.

I’m trying to work around the issue, but I’m not sure if it will work. So, if you see this let me know. Then I’ll at least know that the work-around is an OK temporary solution.

Update: Now I know it’s my ISP, because I can reach the blog if I piggyback on a neighbor’s wireless network. I can’t reach it through my ISP connection. So, I have backdoor access (before anyone goes there, I already know the potential pun there) until my ISP gets its issues straightened out … or until I get a new ISP.

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