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Well, the glass is half empty or half full, depending on how you look at it. The blog access problem seems to have been solved at home (given my past experience, I have little faith that the solution will hold), but not at the office. So the window for posting anything (without difficulty) is still pretty narrow, and falls outside the newscycle, and well past the point when just about everyone else has weighed in on the events of the day (and probably already said much of what I might say).

Since there are some things I’d rather not wait until after 9:00pm to post, I’ve set up an exile blog that I can access more reliably. Given the regularity with which I experience technical difficulties with this blog, it’s probably a good idea. If nothing else, I could post there during the day with less effort than it take to reach my actual blog, and post links back to the full posts here using my current rudimentary workaround. I might even be able to import posts from the exile blog, but that still seems like extra work.

It’s not pretty, but if I hope to blog anything before the kids bedtime (or my own, for that matter), it works for now. My other option is to give away my services as a guest blogger to anyone who’ll have me. If nothing else, I can post links with the rudimentary workaround and send traffic to other blogs. Of course, both of the above ideas would basically turn this space into little more than a link blog, which isn’t something I particularly want.

Other than that, I’m pretty much out of ideas as this blog is currently on life-support.

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Black. Gay. Father. Buddhist. Vegetarian. Liberal.
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3 Responses to Exile Blogging

  1. Colin says:

    No! Not exiled from your own blog! We wait with bated breath for your triumphant return…

  2. RainbowDemon says:

    Missing you, Brother… Happy New Year if you can read this…
    Can’t wait till you’re back on…


  3. Come and write at my site!


    Ask any of my co-bloggers. I do NOT pick and choose what you write. The only requirement is that you are honest and that you don’t unfairly shit all over people.

    The only changes I might make to posts are spelling and grammar. But honestly, that’s an obsessive compulsive thing with me! 

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