Back on the Blog

If you’re reading this, then it means that I once again have unfettered access to this blog. As usual, after I finish ranting and raving, someone has figured out the problem. Namely, one of our resident tech gurus at work. It actually looks like it was a series of issues — on my home computer, on my ISP, and on the server itself — each one masking the others. Sometimes I think this blog could serve as a case study for the various things that can go wrong with a website.

Anyway, the onion is peeled. Regular blogging will resume as soon as I catch up with work, reading, etc. Thanks to everyone for their help, and to Justin for peeling back that final layer of the onion. 

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  2. keri says:

    yay! I did not want to imagine my daily reading without RepublicofT.  🙂

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