Heartland Values

I haven’t commented yet on the theater in Utah that cancelled its showings of  Brokeback Mountain, but Kip notes that the same theater is showing the latest Quentin Tarantino-backed bloodfest, Hostel. (Note: You might not want to watch the preview if you’re at work of if there are children present.)

Watch the trailers for both movies (after the kids have left the room) and then ask yourself which one an anal-retentive, wholesome entertainment, "traditional family values" proselytizer ought to prefer not be shown.

When they say it’s not about naked bigotry, they lie.

Well, not exactly. Oh, it’s about naked bigotry alright, but that’s not all it’s about. It actually makes sense that these folks would object to a cowboy movie in which nobody gets killed. They’d rather watch two men kill each other than kiss, would rather they fight (preferably with lots of blood, and to the death) than fuck. Hostel is right up their alley.

To borrow a quote from from Richard Pryor (whose anthology Evolution/Revolution: The Early Years (1966-1974) I’ve been enjoying lately)

You can’t talk about fucking in America. Right? People say you’re dirty. But if you talk about killin’ somebody, that’s cool.

Think about it. A good many Americans are not all that upset by the idea of torture. Electoral results prove that pretty clearly. And in red America, it should come as no surprise that its considered entertainment. Let’s not forget what made the Left Behind series of novels — in which all manner of violence and suffering is inflicted on non-believers, to the great pleasure of some readers — such a big hit, or — for that matter — Mel Gibson’s holy bloodfest. It’s not just entertainment. It’s the ultimate expression of their values. Some of them, anyway.

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3 Responses to Heartland Values

  1. Lorin11 says:

    I’ve been to the movie complex in Sandy where Brokeback Mountain was banned.  I saw Troy there.  I find that to be ironic on many levels.

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  3. Annie says:

    Actually at least one person was killed in Brokeback (in flashback).  Remember the old farmer Ennis was talking about?  And then it is possible that Jack was killed as well, depending on what the image in Ennis’s mind meant when he was on the phone with the wife. 

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