Ooga Chaka

I clicked when I shouldn’t have clicked, and for that I’m truly sorry. But misery loves company, so here it is. Click if you dare.

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  1. Toph says:

    I know I was warned, but I was not prepared for that.

  2. Nio says:

    I’ve been violated.

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  4. trey says:

    ROFL. if that man isn’t gay and doing camp, well… i’m from mars.

    I think I’m i’m feeling woosy

  5. ron says:

    Now that is fantastically hilarious.  Thank you for, um, sharing. . . .  And, of course, I noticed today that David is now divorcing his wife of 16 years.

  6. TOM says:

    I loves me some David Hasselhoff. 

    This little diddy will be saved in my book of favorites for anytime viewing.

  7. TOM says:



  8. Wolverines! says:

    Anyone else get turned on by this?

  9. Ok, guilty.  I clicked.  Now I regret it.  The images seared into my brain will never leave, if I live a hundred years.  Must…return…to…own…blog….(where yes, I will probably link this too).

  10. Heather says:

    I think it’s a little creepy near the end when  he’s singing "girl, you turn me on" and the video is on the two little girls dressed like angels.  Bad editing on someone’s part.

  11. Silph says:

    I would like to point out that all of you are misspelling the word "Chakka", as clearly stated by the karaoke words. Don’t dishonour this incredible work of art by your thoughtless spelling!!!


    But I have to admit.. I am so turned on by him ^^
    And you know I’m watching it too much, when the video starts to actually make SENSE. I mean, the whole representation of love as universal across all cultures and environments and such; and the whole inescapability of love despite whatever distractions you fill your life with; and the whole "handsomeness is brought out by the spirittedness of life" which is what the video is essentially about…

    no, don’t YOU tell me I’m overthinking this 😉

    what can I say.
    His  posture.
    His dancing. His outstretched arms. His fish-biting.

    his EYES — as in the first minute, GAWD HOW ALLURING! The way he turns around, and, and commandingly makes sensual and magnetic eye contact with /me/.. his ridiciulous propotions of sexiness only heightened by his spiritted goofiness…

    and *smile*. Omg, his (David TAKE ME NOW!!) *smile*, that dashingcommandinginvitingconfidant, OH SO SEXY *hyperventalates* SMILE OF HIS omg, omg, I think I’m in love! 😉

    In all seriousness, you know a man who can be as goofy as him, as unafraid to outwardly shine in his endearing personality, will probably be a most earnest and playful fella — one who’ll be glad to connect and laugh through life with you. Which is possibly why goofiness is my #1 turn on… a man who can appreciate life and find the vibrant spirit in it enough to be a bit of a fool, is definitely my type of guy… .

    okay, that was probably more about me than you wanted to know.

    … *clears throat* So, ron, you say he’s getting divorced, eh…?

  12. I want my mommy.


  13. Michelle Mccormick says:

    i am a big fat ugly white woman and i loved this video so much that i ended up crying all over my twinkies and chocolate cake i was mowing down at the time. i love you knightrider. do me hard on the hood of kitt you bastard!

  14. :::sigh:::  One more reason why the Germans can NOT be trusted for their artistic tastes.

  15. trey says:

    yeah, i’m turned on.

    is that so wrong?

  16. Jim says:

    It’s NOT gay to eat frozen, fat, king salmon while snowboarding.

    It IS gay to fake the entire thing while singing.

  17. Silph says:

    "Bad editing on someone’s part."
    *chuckles* Heather, your remark is so ironic. Some would say that the whole dang video is the product of an editor on crack ^^
    "yeah, i’m turned on. is that so wrong?"
    Ahh, the chorus of gay men since the beginning of time!
    Tom, Wolverines, you, and me need to form some sort of Organization for the Promotion of Sexy Camp to educate these people unbelievers with apparently no taste. Heck, if we get enough converts, we could start our own little cult!
    lol, okay, perhaps I’m trying to justify our own bad taste 😉 Be not ashamed! Have pride in who you are and what turns you on, brother!

  18. Surly G says:

    David Hasselhoff is DREAMIE!! I could just swim in his eyes! Ooga Chakka!


  19. Bob Boner says:

    I doubt if this was made for american audiences.  He is actually a huge pop star in Europe, not sure if its mostly Germany, but I bet this video was never made with American MTV in mind.

  20. Tim Who? says:

    I can’t believe Alaska allowed him to shoot it there. I thought Alaskans had better sense than that.

  21. RainbowDemon says:

    Thanks, I needed that!

    But, what’s with that feather on a string? 
    It almost reaches his ass, is that a hint?


  22. MsFreud says:

    I dunno about that. I live in Germany, and have a German MTV feed. I have seen some strange crap on there- but never anything like THIS. Excuse me, I have to go wash my eyes out.

  23. Stacey says:

    OMG – it’s like watching a car crash…you can’t turn away and you just have to watch and cringe…..*gack*

  24. Fastguy says:

    I envy deaf and blind people at this moment.

  25. kadiecreative says:

    hahahahaha o man wow…i didnt know…honest!

  26. grnizodd says:

    are you fucking serious?  its like a chain letter…i think   I   am hooked on a feeling…please make it stop.

  27. blake says:


    I finally see what’s wrong with the Germans.

  28. Kathy says:

    I wonder what the point of this video was……  I believe it’s a love song and he’s flying around Alaska and what appears to be Africa.  Somehow things don’t jive…………..  It was histerical though.  What’s with the angels???

  29. savvy101 says:

    What in gay hell was that?

  30. Pope says:

    I can’t believe it.  It actually gets worse until the end.  

    Can you imagine being the one who had to put that together?  I mean, sure, it’s funny the first time you watch it, but if you were editing this, you would have to watch it until your eyeballs bled.  And believe me, they would.   This video makes the baby jesus cry.

    I kept waiting for him to hit that african guy he was jumping with.

  31. Morten says:

    Right now I regret that I ever purchased a computer. If you’ll excuse me, I have to go kill myself

  32. Morten says:

    Anyone know where I can download this fucking crap?

  33. John P. Hoke says:

    Kill me now … <b>please</p>

  34. Bernard says:

    I was feeling sort of blue, yet this blog did pick my sprits up.

  35. Cowboy says:

    I think I hurt my brain… does anyone have a drill I could borrow?

  36. stithmeister says:

    Bah… I remember when BJ Thomas recorded this song originally. This version isn’t THAT bad. Besides, as a designated old fart, it’s better than a lot of stuff I hear on the radio these days.

  37. Julia says:

    What is with the daushunds?

    I don’t know if the dogs or the girls freaked me out more.

    And when he is holding the cube, does it seem like he is singing to himself?  That he is the "girl"?

  38. Brian says:

    I’m not sure that I can ever forgive you for this… 

  39. T-Slav says:

    Wow!  One of my 80’s icons!  Can’t believe it!  It would have been better as a duet with Lee Majors.  Have to now go and show this to my wife, and have it seared onto her brain as well.  Thanks for the laugh.

  40. dj says:

    This makes his work in the Sponge Bob Movie look like an academy award performance. 

  41. DreamingAzure says:

    OMG….that is the scariest things I have seen in years!!!!! I need to go and scrub down with some tar soap and try to wash that memory away!!!!!

  42. zombie_chik says:

    Like a moth to the flame…poof! Where’s my sign?

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  44. slimchic says:

    well come of it i had too click lol

    but good would i love a guy like him

  45. LadyBiggs says:


    It’s Heino’s NEMESIS!!! 


  46. BukChoy says:

    So, this is what he’s resort to?  God help him.  This is hilarious and oh so sad!!

  47. Katie says:

    Dear Germany,

    This guy?  



    Fine, you like him?  YOU KEEP HIM!

  48. Katie says:

    The alien is the best/worst part…oh that alien.

  49. Connie!! says:

    All I hve to say is…


  50. Me says:

    Why, why, oh WHY??

  51. Ty says:

    *Rocking back and forth in the fetal position*   "Can’t sleep, Hoff’s gonna eat me, Can’t sleep Hoff’s gonna eat me"

    Hey, does anyone think paint thinner might work for washing these images of my retinas???

  52. twat mat says:

    haha luv it

    beats all the crap being produced today..

  53. Joe says:

    FABULOUS!   Where can I get this on DVD – it will look GREAT on my 50" plasma TV.

    So catchy…#…I’m hooked on a feeling……..

  54. Scott McD says:

    I feel kinda dizzy and funny

  55. Floria says:

    Yay! Random doxies!

  56. Corbus says:

    Someone call the CIA quick, I need the last 5 miuntes wiped from my mind forever…
    Mr. Hasslehoff keep up the good work you son-of-a-German bitch.

  57. Hans and Franz says:

    << Fine, you like him?  YOU KEEP HIM!  >>
    Dear Katie:
    Ya, ve do like him,  You have problem with dat?
    – Germany

  58. Taternater says:

    I can’t even begin to say how wrong this is on sooo many levels.  Why did I click on this?

  59. Reef says:

    looks like he’s hooked on Crack too…

    If he ment for that video to come out like that then he’s a mastermind genius…
    But if he was serious…..then thats a sad sad world he lives in.

    If only  "KIT" could see him now.

  60. Junglemonkey says:

    I can totally hear him.
    "No, no – that looks too credible. Put in some…I don’t know…fish. And a conga line. And aliens!"
    "Don’t forget about that bet you lost, Mr. Hasselhoff!" 
    "Oh, yeah. I have to do the motorcycle thing. Fine. We’ll shoehorn that in too." 
    "And the producer’s wife wants her doggies in the shot somewhere."
    "Great! Them too." 
    "And it’s ‘Bring Your Daughter to Work Day,’ so the director brought his kids. You have to use them too."
    "No problem." 
    "And Madonna’s brother wants to know if you could do him a favor…"
    "Sure. What the hell ever. But CHEAP. We have to make it look CHEAP!"

    Yeah. That’s what happened. It’s the only thing that can explain it.

  61. Demondoll says:

    Mama, it hurts. Right here in my head.
    Well, I did click…

  62. maltschick says:

    I`m from Germany and I and all my buddies were huge Knight Rider Fans 20 years ago but believed me I don`t know any persons who loves or likes David H. No one knows why he WAS so popular in Germany with his freaking stupid songs.

  63. Uncle Pavian says:

    Thanks for sharing.  I really liked the part with the salmon.

  64. Terryfae says:

    You have got to be kidding…. what was that? Horrible@!!!!!

  65. seamoon says:

    Oh my word i didnt know camp could be so camp!!! Top drawer!! dont hassle the hoff

  66. Small One says:

    I can say it successfully overshadowed anything that may have been bothering me before. It will be one of the last things I see before bedtime and definitely the most bizarre. Wow.

  67. Cussie says:

    That is the best music video I have ever seen.

  68. domdc1 says:

    OMG…. I had to surf the playboy website to make sure my manhood was still intact.  God help us alllllllllllllllllllll

  69. suze says:

    it is my own fault for clicking when i knew full well i shouldn’t, but dear lord…

    aliens? little girls dressed as angels? random puppies? bad sgi?
    oh david, back when you were michael knight and i was a sweet, innocent thing we could have had something but now, now you’ve ruined what shred of dignity you might have had left…

  70. Civicguy says:

    Michael Knight…say it isn’t so…KITT blew up when this went into his sound box

  71. Howler says:

    Oh my god.. make it stop..!   My EYES are bleeding.. MAKE IT STOPPPPPP ….!!!!!!

  72. PK says:

    Please make it stop, mommy!!!!!!
    Make the Bad Man go away!!!!!

  73. babymorimoto says:

    that was truly horrible…. ugh…

  74. Martin Goss says:

    The Hoff is simply a god!!!!!

  75. Rose says:

    Did someone say “Gay Watch”? And what’s with the wiener dogs? God help us.

  76. Jason in Seattle says:

    Thanks For That  !!!  Now I’m going to go bleach that sound  my ears,  scald my eyeballs with boinling water, and see a hypnotheripist to erase the moment from my memory foreever!!! Some boxes are better left unclicked!!!!!!!!

  77. extralien says:

    ve haf vays of making you vant to scream and scream until your sick…

    you think zis is bad, vait until ve put it on a loop zen ve vill see who is ze true master…

    ”help me obi wan, you’re my only hope”.

    the force is strong in this one…. 

    ok…i’m going now… gonna go hide under a stone.

  78. canditoy2 says:

    Snapper on the Young and Restless….as a young girl I sooo fantasized about what he would do to me…How wrong is that?

  79. Svana says:

    I can’t believe I watched the WHOOOLE thing


  80. Only in Europe would this be considered serious entertainment.  It’s frightening, but it’s called supply and demand.

  81. George Russell says:

    Wow. Definitely put me in the "turned on" column. At one point, it looked like Hassie was going to fly down and take himself from behind!

  82. Damian says:

    Why couldn’t he have just stopped after the ‘Knight Rider’ series?  That was 80’s cool.  But noooo, he had to push.  Speaking of Michael Knight, where the hell was KITT in the video?

    Not cool.

  83. Angela says:

    talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel!   where is Chuck Barris when you need him! 


  84. Allison says:

    I really liked the video!!!

  85. Matthew says:

    Brilliant. Inexplicable. Shambolic. Effusive.

    Why? and: Thanks. I think.

  86. im in love and hight on the felling ???????????

  87. Natasha says:

    He’s not all there is he! Now really i think the man has had a major head accident – is he really responsible for his actions!?

  88. Delirious says:

    Check out http://www.hoffgallery.com for more hot Hoff action…

  89. yikes says:

    where do the come up with this shit!?!!?

  90. Storm says:

    You… sick… bastards…

    Need… fresh.. air…


  91. Ztormbringer "Z" says:

    YOU SONOFABITCH… NOW I CAN FEEL MY NUTS!!! i think i was just givin a virtual vasectomy… uuuggghhhh.. RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!


  92. Renee T. says:


  93. Wizarddog says:

    I swear there is something in the Book of Relevations about this.


  94. Vivienne says:

    OMG – I’ve developed FOUR cavitites in my eye teeth just watching this! 

  95. interesting that he was photoshopped in the empty landscapes, but when it came to getting in the middle of a tribal ceremony, well, he really did that.

    pairing dachsunds with angels is pure genius. 

  96. Vivienne says:

    I want the name of Hoffie’s accountant. You just know he got to write of an African Safari & that 2 week cruise to Alaska.  Now, if a croc  came up & snatched a weiner dog off the shore – that would be pure genius.

  97. seonsaeng says:

    There must be some sort of back story behind this to explain this bizarre video.  It seems his wife of 16 years is leaving him or has left.  I think this video is a love letter to his wife, with all the images having some significance in their lives together.  The safari dancing footage must be from when they went to Africa on vacation together.  The weiner dogs, the dancing bear, the alien, the motorcycle must all have some private significance between them.  I’ve never been a Hasselhoff fan and I’m still not, and this is a really strange and hilarious video, but after viewing it a few times and thinking about it, I’m warming up to the guy a little.  I think he must know that it all seems completely goofy to the rest of the world and he doesn’t really care.  Maybe that’s the whole point.

  98. James Quick says:

    I have just realised, I am gay!!!

  99. Lynn says:

    i cant breathe right now. thats how fucked up that was. lol.

  100. bill says:

    I ‘m also "hooked on a feeling" its of nausea and disgust

  101. jim says:

    He needs to take his shirt off if I’m to take him seriously.

  102. CDP says:

    I actually like this song!  It is upbeat and the silliness of the video puts a smile on my face.  More importantly, it makes my 17-mth old smile and drink her milk when she is cranky.  🙂   GO DAVID, GO!

  103. Natalie says:

    WOW! I’m really at a loss for words…that was TORTURE!!!! maybe if he was naked and you shut off the volume…it wouldn’t be so bad!!!! 

  104. Netti007 says:

    Please God, don’t let this become a hit!

  105. Nico says:

    I feel violated ;-(

  106. Stevie says:

    That was utterly brilliant!  I can’t decide if it’s the best or worst thing I’ve ever seen!

  107. Chai_latte says:

    This kind of evil makes Satan look like a HelloKitty bedspread.
    QUICK! Destroy this weapon of mass insanity before the terrorists get ahold of it!! (Let’s just be glad there was no internet during the holocaust. Oi vey!)

  108. val says:

    what the hell, i’m only 15 and now i’ve got the shit scared out of me y david hasselhoff. lol

  109. Cloudpudding says:

    Brilliant.  Beautiful.  Revolutionary.  I’m now going to hassle myself hoff in the shower. 

  110. peter11508 says:

    Horrible, absolutely horrible. The level of cheese this video piles up to is staggering. I can’t imagine David H reviewing this work in the studio and saying, "I like it, let’s go with it."

  111. SlyToothenberry says:

    In a fight to the death, I struggle whether his mystical powers would be a match for the all powerful bear of Chuck Norris.  This would be a close match.  The suave dance moves and endless cheese power of Hasslehoff vs. the secretive beard power of Norris.  I think that while the battle would be close, Norris would roundhouse that fish right out of David’s mouth.

    This is unbelieveable.

  112. disco says:

    Unfassbar. Das kann der nicht ernst meinen!?

  113. leah says:

    The money spent on that video could of gone to more important things, like cherity.
    If I were to speak to him right now i’d say "Don’t quit your day job!!!"

  114. Don says:

    DAVID HASSELHOFF…..SHITDICK!!!   First, came the chicken fucker video now this.  No wonder we can’t trust the germans

  115. J.Westlin says:

    Yeah, I’m hooked on a feeling also, and it’s called suicide after watching that video! I don’t think I can do enough drugs or drink enough alcohol to erase what I’ve just seen.  Going through my Cancer surgery and 6 months of Chemotherapy was easier than watching that crap!

  116. ELSEE says:

    He still looks good! I would still do him, lets just hope he wouldn’ t perform as bad as in the video!

  117. Amy says:

    wtf??? omg did someone pay him to do this??? like this guy looks like a fool lmao.. does he kno that he does???

  118. ditto says:

    and I thought that david hasselhoff in jekyll and hyde was bad…..*sigh* he just gets worse and worse…

  119. Morgan says:

    o.o its like a car crash, you watch, and can’t turn away, even though its so awefull o.o

  120. Damion says:

    I’m speechless…I don’t know what else to say about it…  This makes Paris Hilton seem worthy of respect.

  121. John says:

    He would be sell out dates in Las Vegas.

  122. Mark Something says:

    Has caused anal leakage.

  123. Septina says:

    Oh….My F#*%ing GOD.
    I wish I could fly with the Birds and the angels like that!
    Oh …….. Wait.  I CAN!  I just gotta go smoke a bowl first

  124. mike says:

    i didnt know he did horror flicks

  125. Boeing777 says:

    ok, i feel sorry for the dude but i think this is some sort of a joke right? some kind of MADtv funny videos right. please don’t tell me he was for real, please don’t tell me that.

  126. Todd Kiddoo says:

    Wow, I absolutely love David! When I was younger I use to have pictures of him when he played Micheal on Night Rider in my bedroom. He was hot then and is hot now.  Live your dream David…..live your dream. Because I know you’re living in mine.
    Todd Kiddoo

  127. It’s all about the Drugs..!!! shimmy shimmy shimmy shimmy shimmy shimmy shimmy shimmy..DRUG’s..

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  129. m.tyler says:

    Ooga Chaka  = Homosexual in many costumes. or…Sore bottom(from being homosexual)

  130. Jon Westlin says:

    I am so in love with the Hoff.  David is the man!!  I miss Baywatch so much.  I don’t get to see that hairy chest running across the beach anymore!!

  131. SkiingKitty says:

    horribly fascinating……like maggots writhing in garbage

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