Fundies of a Feather

Vote together. At least they do at the U.N., where the Bush administration found common ground Iran’s fundamentalist government: both have a strong faith-based hatred of homos and any talk of human rights for homos. For the Bush administration, that hatred is strong enough to move them from not taking a position to lining up right beside Iran.

The governments of the United States and Iran–part of President George W. Bush’s ”axis of evil” and his current nuclear bete noire–demonstrated rare unity of cause this past week when Washington backed a Tehran initiative to deny UN access to advocates of sexual minorities’ rights.

… The federal government’s UN vote to dismiss two international organizations’ applications for speaking rights at the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) brought the U.S. government in line with regimes it routinely chides as human rights delinquents, HRW said. These include the leaders of Cameroon, China, Cuba, Pakistan, Russia, Senegal, Sudan, and Zimbabwe.

The move also marked a shift in policy for Washington, which previously had supported or abstained on such applications, according to HRW. Officials gave no explanation for the change, it added.

Some 40 groups joined the rights watchdog Wednesday in signing a letter demanding that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice account for the turnaround.

”Is it now the policy of the U.S. government to oppose consultative status for all organizations working to promote the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people?” the letter asks.

”As U.S.-based organizations working in the fields of human rights and sexual rights, we are dismayed–and we expect better,” it concludes.

Must be more of that “compassionate conservatism” they used to talk to much about.

The letter is a nice gesture, and I suppose it’s one that must be made, but I wouldn’t expect Condi to do much more than drop it in the “circular file.” This is a woman who shops for shoes when African Americans are left to fend for themselves in a natural disaster. I doubt seriously she’s gonna strap on the pumps and take a stand just because a few nations decide to play an extreme version of “smear the queer.”

What I don’t get is why anybody expects better from this bunch. I’ll say it again. Know who you’re dealing with. What they want is a world in which we don’t exist. What they’ll settle for is one in which we’re neither seen nor heard. In the latter case, it’s just a matter of teaching us not to raise our heads.

It’s a lesson, however, that we’re just not easily taught. So it wouldn’t surprise me if Bush and his fellow fundies aren’t reconsidering their tactics, and that this U.N. vote may be a signal of that shift. And even though they might stop short of saying so explicitly, the next time Iran whips and hangs some homos it might be safe to assume that Bush and his most ardent fundamentalist foot-soldiers lean towards thinking it’s not such a bad idea and probably won’t speak a word against it, let alone do anything about it.

After all, what’s a little skin off some queer’s back if it saves his/her soul? And what’s the problem with hanging a homo if there’s a chance that an “in-the-noose” confession might send him/her straight to heaven? Isn’t that just a form of “tough love”?

And what’s more, why would gay activists want to put a stop to that if they really cared about the eternal well-being of  their fellow homos in other countries that aren’t afraid to take a strong faith-based stance on the issue?

Just sayin’.

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