It Ain’t Natural

It Aint Natural

Another video. This may be the only time I ask anyone to greenlight anything having to do with Willie Wilson. Dean Hamer has a video up over at CurrentTV, about homophobia in African American communities. (Yeah, yeah. He’s a white guy. But that don’t mean it ain’t relevant.) The video juxtaposes sound clips from Wilson’s infamous “lesbian dildo sermon” against what can only be described as “testimony” from black, gay activists whom I assume are also christians, based on their comments.

I gave it a green light. If you have a minute, please do the same.

(Now that I’m getting ready to podcast, this kind of thing has me thinking about getting a video camera, and learning how to do web video. I do have a birthday coming up in 11 days. Hmmmm.)

Via Queerty

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