Ten High Tech ADDvantages

In light of the previous post, I can’t not post a link to this list of the “Top 10 Advantages of ADD in a High Tech Career” from the Adult ADD Strengths blog (which I’m adding to my feeds and my blogroll). It’s kind of humorous, but I think there’s more than a few grains of truth there. And I say this as an an ADDult who — though not a programer or anything close — works for a tech firm.

Here’s the list. Read the full post for details.

  1. The Ability to Hyperfocus.
  2. Rapid Fire Mind.
  3. Multitasking at Will.
  4. High Energy Level.
  5. Highly Creative.
  6. Quick Learner.
  7. Stimulus Seeking Brain.
  8. Constantly Scanning your Environment.
  9. Great in a Crisis.
  10. Risk Taker.

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