NaNoEdMo & the Return of the Novel

It’s been a while since I wrote about the whole NaNoWriMo experience. Just over a month ago, I took the draft back out of the drawer I’d placed it in at the end of November, and have spent the time since then reading it and making notes about changes. Most of all, though, my reaction has been something along the lines of “I can’t believe I wrote the whooooooooole thing.”

And today I got a reminder from my online calendar, that today was the first day to sign up for National Novel Editing Month (a/k/a “NaNoEdMo”). So I signed up, and thus have committed myself to another 30 day writing marathon. (Actually 31, since NaNoEdMo takes place in March.) Instead of 50,000 words, the goal is 50 hours of rewriting, revising, and editing. (Apparently, just mulling over plot twists doesn’t count.

The thing is, I think this is almost going to be line writing another novel. After reading through what I have, I’ve realized that there a some things that need to be added. There are at least three or four new characters that need to be added, including a character to serve as a clear antagonist to the main character. And my main character needs a new job and a bit more of a past. Plus there are one or two existing characters that need to be developed further and given more to do in the story. That’s just to start. I’m sure more will become apparent as I get further into the editing phase.

And, of course, this is just the first revision. When I’m done, I’ll probably stick in back in the drawer for another 30 days, and see if it’s something I stll want to work on.

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