Laurel Hester, R.I.P.


After a brave fight, well fought on behalf of justice, Laurel Hester lost her battle with cancer.

Lt. Laurel Hester died Saturday morning at her home only weeks after winning a long battle with Ocean County freeholders over who would get her benefits. She was 49.

Hester’s longtime partner Stacie Andree was at her bedside when she died.

My condolences to Stacie Andree and all who knew, loved, befriended, and supported Laurel Hester. Her story and her fight for fairness and equality touched and benefited many, many people. She definitely left her corner of the world better than she found it. That’s probably the best that any one can hope to accomplish.

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  1. neil e mac says:

    You are always there with undaunted compassion T. My condolences to all those who must got on without Lt. Laurel Hest; especially her bereaved partner Stacie Andrée.
    I’m well aware of your distain for the forgotten, T. This post, “A long way to go yet ” by a Canadian blogger reminded me of your sensitivity and generosity of concern for those neglected due to racism.
    Namasté, neil E mac

    by a Canadian

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