Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

I don’t think it’s being alarmist to say that the future that the South Dakota legislature has proposed going back to bloody hanger days, that it’s only a matter of time before some of women in that state need the abortion manual Molly has provided.

(Just do review, South Dakota’s legislature just passed a an abortion ban, outlawing it in all cases except to save the life of the pregnant women. So, if a woman is pregnant as a result of rape or incest, or faces serious health risks as a result of pregnancy, she’s SOL in South Dakota.)

Today, I will discuss dilation and curettage — what used to be the most common abortion procedure before vacuum aspiration took its place. Vacuum aspiration is an easier method, but sometimes remaining fetal/placental material necessitates doing a “cleanup” D&C anyway, so you should know how to do this procedure first.

One set of uterine dilators (any equipment may be purchased from numerous websites. If you need assistance in finding this equipment, do not hesitate to email me [ed. note: see Molly’s post for her email.])

Vaginal speculum
Pregnancy test
One set of uterine curettes
One pair of uterine forceps
One pair of regular forceps
Sterile bags for medical instruments and medical waste
A course of antibiotics
Sedative medication
Pressure cooker
Container of bleach solution: one part chlorine bleach to 10 parts water
Strong soap
Sterile latex gloves
Water-based lubricant
Maxi pads
Clean plastic sheeting and towels
Exam table
Wet wipes

See the entire post for further instructions.

For anyone who says “we aren’t there yet”, I say there are times when you can’t wait “until it happens” to get the information you need. It appears that the time has arrived for women in South Dakota, and given the intention of the bill’s sponsor and backers it won’t be too long before the Supreme Court is making that decision for the rest of the country’s female population. And chances are by then it may be illegal to even provide this information.

And if you think it’s only a matter of a “short wait” before the Bush administration is out of power, it’s not entirely unconceivable that once the dust settles after the 2008 election we’ll find ourselves saddled with another Republican administration allied with the radical religious right. Besides, I can guarantee you that the other side sees this as a fight extending far beyond the Bush administration. No matter what happens between now and 2008 or after, expect more bills like the South Dakota bill, until they finally manage to get a Roe challenge case to the Supreme Court.

Molly includes a disclaimer with her post. For my part I’ll echo some of Jill’s disclaimer.

I don’t necessarily endorse this post, and I would urge anyone considering using these methods to seek out safe, legal care from a trained professional. If abortion is illegal or highly limited where you live, seek it out in another state. …

I don’t want to be unnecessarily alarmist, but things are starting to get bad. And so what Molly has posted could be potentially helpful to a lot of women, which is why I link to it. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the post, or the safety of the procedures described therein.

And if, as Jill suggests, the need ever arises for a post-Roe “Underground Railroad” for women, I’ll volunteer to be stop. I’ll volunteer to be a stop on that railroad because I care about the lives of women in my community, my family, my workplace, etc. And while I hope they’ll never need Molly’s advice, I want them to have access to it if they need it.

Via Feministe. Pic via Culture Kitchen.

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  2. Dang, that graphic is a bit extreme. There has to be a happy medium between preserving life and honoring the choices of pregnant women. Meeting extremism with extremism is only going to polarize the issue further, don’t you think?

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