What’s an Absolute Beginner Yogi to Do?

I have something of a dilemma. After achieving success with the diet, I’ve now added some exercise to my daily routine. (Besides the exercise I get chasing Parker around, etc.)

After some consideration, I unpacked my yoga tapes and accoutrements (mat, strap, bricks, pad) from a previous abortive attempt at taking it up. I tried it years ago and took a few classes, but gave it up because I didn’t have enough patience with myself. I’d get frustrated because I couldn’t to the poses and stretches as well as I thought I could, and my teacher’s gentle advice to be more patient with myself and my body fell on deaf ears.

Now, years later, I’m finding it a good way to wind down in the evening, after everybody goes to bed. I clear out a spot on the floor, roll out the mat, pop in the tape, and spend half an hour or so breathing, stretching, etc.

But I’ve decided I wanted a little more variety, so I’ve been shopping for a beginners yoga DVD. I found some, but there’s a difficult choice I have to make. Do I choose the one that’s right for my level of experience or the one with the really hot instructor?


Not terribly enlightened of me, perhaps. But can you blame me? I could end my day watching him for half an hour. I might even do some yoga too.

Oh well, if I don’t buy the DVD I can at least read his blog.

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4 Responses to What’s an Absolute Beginner Yogi to Do?

  1. stroll says:

    The answer is clearly:  buy *his* beginning level DVD.  😉

    I have been exercising, in a real live gym, for a couple weeks now and really trying to stick with it.  I was intimidated by such a place but have found that the eyes of judgement do not fall very much on me when I’m trying to look at the picture to figure out how to do a machine, or even when I’m walking like a new born calf after 30 minutes on the elliptical machine.  In fact I need to go after I post this to you. 

    But first allow me to share my yoga experience with you.

    A while back I started doing yoga at a place that a friend took me.  The first time it was INSANELY difficult–I was shaky and felt like I was going to collapse, and sore as heck afterwards.  But slowly in the beginning class I got pretty confident and looked forward to going.  I felt good afterwards and felt results, and it really did center me at the end of a day, got rid of a lot of stress, etc.  (The instructor was hot, but alas, a woman, so not that hot for me.  😉

    Well one day I was a little late for the class I usually took, and I had been at it for a few weeks, and figured, what the heck, I’ll go up ONE level to the next class.  How hard could it be?  Plus the instructor was very pregnant so she wasn’t going to push us too hard right?

    That class totally destroyed me.  Crushed my sweaty, shaky ass into the hardwood floors.  In fact, the instructor came over to me and I think even slowed the class down a little out of concern for me.  Highly embarrassing.

    So I havn’t really been back to yoga.  But I’ve done my DVD at home a few times, and I have a gift certificate to a new place in my neighborhood that I plan to go to…soon. 

    So the moral of the story, I guess, is stick with the yoga! 

  2. Cat says:

    I say go with the ‘hot instructor!’ If you get discouraged and need inspiration–there it is!

    Seriously, the Amazon reviews do say it is appropriate for beginner to intermediate users.

    I have been practicing yoga on and off for about two years. It was very discouraging at first, but I kept with it because I felt that my instructor offered lots of options and didn’t push people to do things they were not ready for. We were truly encouraged to move forward at our own pace. I would look for a good class, first and foremost.

    And, though you’ve heard this before, try to be patient with yourself. You will probably not realize the progress you are making because it will be gradual. I just worked up to holding my "plank" position (don’t remember the correct name for the pose) three inches off the ground  in the sun salutes. (Keep in mind,I started as a chick with *no* upper body strength.) I also did my first head stand recently. Also, something I thought I’d never do. All of these things just happened. I wasn’t especially *challenging* myself or pushing myself during the classes. I just did what I felt I could manage each time and kept at it. When you are able to do something for the first time that you’ve never done before, the feeling is  phenomenal.

    The other thing I’ve always liked about yoga is how it gives you an appreciation for your body and all of the things it can do. It has helped me feel  graceful and comfortable in my own skin, even when I was heavier than I wanted to be.

    So, that’s my perspective. And, the hot guy will definitely help you keep your mind focused! Go for it.

  3. Terrance says:

    Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks he’s hot. The guru is also human. But that doesn’t mean I won’t eventually buy his DVD.

  4. If I was half as serious about exercising as I am about looking at DIRTY pictures of men, then I would say , "Choose the one that is right for your level of experience,la,la, la…." but I’m not.

    So I say choose the one with the spunk, and adapt the exercises to suit you.. and pray that he bursts out of the TV screen and onto your face at the end?

    Sorry, when it comes to hot men, I’m never serious, I’m sigh!

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