Bye-Bye Dubai, Hello Halliburton

Say what you will about this administration. You gotta admire their style when it comes to the ports deal. If they can’t fuck you coming, they’ll fuck you going. Dubai Ports World may have nixed the deal, but they may just hand it to Halliburton.

They have got a dilemma now, because there simply aren’t American companies that have the know-how and the breadth to do this. Interestingly, and perhaps ironically, what I had heard earlier in the day, as they were looking at those that have the — the kind of resources, Halliburton was a name that came up. And Democrats, I’m sure, are saying, please, God, let that happen. [emphasis]

Now, a reasonable person my think “Oh, surely the folks in the Bush administration are savy enough to realize that would be a disaster. They can’t be that tone deaf. Somebody would put a stop to that before it got very far.” But think about the ports fiasco and ask yourself this: When has anything stopped this administration from taking an obviously bad idea and making it policy?

Despite Halliburton’s denials, they fondness of no-bid contracts and other non-competitive deals makes me think that if they can find a way to make this happen with a reasonable shot at getting away with it they will make it happen.

Like I said, if they can’t fuck you coming they’ll fuck you going, and without lube or so much the courtesy of a reach-around.

And Dick Cheney will be laughing all the while.

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  1. WM says:

    Ha! I had a sneaking suspicion that this was a ploy to give Halliburton control over the ports.

    I think they really are stupid enough to try and pull this sort of stunt, and if they do, Buddha help us all..

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