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What’s next? A lockdown on lube?

This is another one that got a laugh out of me when it landed in my inbox this morning. Maybe that’s because it reads like something right out of a sitcom. (In fact, didn’t I see something like this on a Golden Girls rerun?) Apparently, if you wanna practice safe(r) sex in D.C. you can’t be too shy, because you’re gonna hafta ask for assistance buy condoms.

Sindy Dominguez, 17, of Hyattsville already had a baby, and didn’t want another — at least not until she’d established a home and a career. Three months after her daughter was born, she and her boyfriend went to the CVS pharmacy near their apartment to buy a large box of condoms. They found them locked in a case equipped with a button that read "push for assistance."

They pushed, and heard a call for help for a pharmacist, but no one came. They pushed again. And again.

"My boyfriend said, ‘Do you want to just leave?’ and I said, ‘Yes, let’s just go,’ " said Dominguez. "We went to a nearby gas station and bought a few single condoms."

Keith Eby had a somewhat similar experience. A day after the 37-year-old health-care consultant found the condoms locked up at his neighborhood CVS at Logan Circle, he tried the CVS on M Street in Georgetown, near his office. Same problem.

… Finally Eby remembered that a new CVS had opened across the street in the Ritz-Carlton. He went in and found the condoms unlocked and available on the shelf. He said he bought many so he wouldn’t have to go through this again anytime soon.

But Eby remains upset about his experience.

Apparently, people are embarrassed about anyone knowing that they have sex. If you ask me, being embarrassed about buying condoms is a little like being embarrassed about buying deodorant or toilet paper. You’d have to imagine that the person behind the register doesn’t think you (a) sweat or (b) go use the toilet, and (c) cares enough to think about either. And when it comes to condoms you’d also have to project enough anxiety to think they know (or care) who you’ll be enjoying them with later. But now that I think about it, there’s a few other things to take into consideration. 

According to the CVS manager quoted in the article there’s a theft problem when it comes to condoms.

Mike DeAngelis, a CVS spokesman, says the practice of locking up condoms is simply a response to theft.

"We’re not trying to restrict access — we’re trying to prevent people from stealing," he said.

Lockups are decided on a case-by-case basis, he said. In stores reporting high theft, the company permits managers to lock up not just condoms but other high-theft items like hair-care products, baby formula and pregnancy tests, he said. DeAngelis declined to disclose theft statistics for any CVS pharmacies, or to say when any individual stores began locking up their condoms.

Well, it’s already proven that abstinence-only sex-ed doesn’t work, so maybe desperate teenagers are heisting condoms they can’t get at school or ask their parents to guy for them.

On the other hand with pharmacists refusing to dispense birth control, this may be the "next step" to rally the wingnuts. 

Or maybe I’m crazy. But I did see this on the Golden Girls once.  

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