Wading Through the Wingnuts

Given how often I weigh in on religion, you’d think I’d have jumped on the story about the gospel of Judas by now. It’s not that I don’t have the inclination, just the time. I’ve been interested in the whole gnostic gospels thing since I read Elaine Pagels’ book years ago, and was so intrigued that I ordred my own copy of the Nag Hammadi library. Just the idea that there were other writings out there, and the story of how they got left out of the book now known as the chrstian bible was a mind-expanding experience.

I wanted to blog about it, but I didn’t have time. Fortunately, Becky over at Preemtive Karma does an excellent job of covering the story and addressing the response from some decidedly unexpanded minds. Also, check out her take on the armageddon obsessed, which related to some reading I’ve been doing lately about the origins of the apocalyptic impulse in christian fundamentalist Americans. 

Enjoy! Off to a meeting. I’ll correct spelling errors later.  

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