The Real Reason Bush Wants to Nuke Iran?

This is gonna sound crazy, but stay with me for a minute. After all, when it comes to the Bush administration you can usually come up with the craziest idea you can possibly think of and find someone in the administration who really believes that shit, no matter how crazy it is. Well, I think I’ve found the real reason Bush wants to nuke Iran. It’s because of Iran’s HIV/AIDS prevention program that would just never fly in Dubya’s America.

In a region where other Muslim governments ignore the epidemic, quarantine HIV-infected people or preach abstinence as the only solution, Iran’s approach is especially remarkable.

It still doles out floggings to Iranians caught with alcohol, but it gives clean syringes and methadone treatment to heroin addicts. Health workers pass out condoms to prostitutes. Government clinics in every region offer free HIV testing, counseling and treatment. A state-backed magazine just began a monthly column that profiles HIV-positive Iranians, and last year the postal service unveiled a stamp emblazoned with a red ribbon for AIDS awareness. This year the government will devote an estimated $30 million to the program.

… A year ago, [Dr. Hamid] Setayesh sent questionnaires to the most influential Shiite Muslim clerics to elicit their views on condom use, government’s role in AIDS prevention and how society should deal with HIV-infected Iranians. He received 17 handwritten responses, nearly all in favor of the government’s efforts. The U.N. AIDS office plans to compile them into a book to be distributed at mosques.

"You should not discriminate against these people," one mullah wrote. "You have no excuse not to use condoms," another responded. "You should pay for this from the public funds of the government," an ayatollah ordered.

Handing out condoms to prostituted? Giving clean works to drug addicts? Setting up programs to hand out condoms and syringes in prisons? I mean, c’mon. Doesn’t that make you want to bomb ’em? Haven’t these people ever heard of the rampant success of "abstinence-only"? Don’t they know that people who have sex and use drugs deserve to die anyway? Yup. They need bombing, or at least an invasion/occupation until they learn to stop doing that shit.

I’m not sure what’s more embarrassing. That we probably really do have people in power who think a dropping a nuclear bomb might be a good idea, or the reality that the Muslim fundamentalist country they want to bomb has a more progressive HIV/AIDS prevention program than would ever see the light of day under our current leadership.  

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