Video from the Egg Roll

Still recovering, but here’s a bit of an update. As we were walking up to the White House gates this afternoon, were were approached by two different television crews. The reporters were great, and one of them even told us afterwards that she has two gay sons.

I also got to play at being media myself, when I ran into Logo’s Jason Bellini in the waiting area and reintroduced myself. He asked if I would mind shooting some footage from inside. I was happy to do it, and Jason was nice enough to interview me afterwards at Foundry Methodist, which held a luncheon for the Family Pride group after the Egg Roll. So, I may show up on Logo in the near future.

For now I managed to capture the video from one of the interviews, once we got home. You can see it below the fold. (Vimeo plays videos automatically, so I didn’t want anyone to be surprised by it suddenly playing in their browser.

Pictures to come, I promise!

View this clip on Vimeo

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