Thanks Tweakers

I will now join zuzu in venting a bit of spleen in general direction of tweakers.

It’s allergy season for me, and it hits me pretty hard. Within minutes of walking outside, I can feel the effects. I noticed them this morning on the train, even though I took my allergy medicine before leaving the house. My allergies are so bad that if I start to feel symptoms I usually take some Mucinex to take as a booster until the histamines are out of my system.

So, I stopped into CVS to buy some on my way to the office. I’d seen the signs, that products containing pseudoephedrine had to be purchased at the front counter. No biggie, I thought. I guess I missed the news that pseudoephedrine purchases now require ID, because meth is becoming a big problem in this area.

The sign didn’t say anything about ID, but I gave it to the guy when he asked. And he didn’t just look at it, he wrote down my name and address in a log book. No biggie. It’s not like I have any motives other than sparing my fellow commuters the sound of my constant sniffling. But it cost me a few minutes I hadn’t planned to spend watching the cashier write down my info.

And I know tweakers don’t make the laws or store policy. Heck, I’m probably one of the most liberal guys you’ll find when it comes to drug policy. I don’t see why anyone would want to do that to their face or their teeth. But I’d rather see it legalized and the money spent on the "drug war" invested in treatment for those who want it, as well as prevention.

But it still sucks that not wanting to have stuffy/runny nose makes me a something of a suspect now, and cost me some extra time.


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