Adoption.Com Anti-Gay?

It looks that way. Shannon, at Peter’s Cross Station, relates her story of how her posts about gay & lesbian parenting were consistently dismissed by the moderators about Adoption.Com. Trey, over at Daddy, Papa & Me, reminds us that he posted last year about Adoption.Com being sued for discriminating against gay couples seeking to adopt. The case is still pending, and has survived an attempt at dismissal. There’s also a boycott in the works. 

I think I stumbled across Adoption.Com when we were in the process of preparing for our first adoption. We attended a discussion group for gay men considering parenthood, and during one of the meetings a social worker distributed copies of Adoptive Parent magazine. Already being a web-head at the time, as soon as I got home I sat down with the magazine and did a "hard target search" of every agency that had an ad in the magazine, with a web address in it. I was looking agencies that were gay-friendly, or that featured same-sex couples on their websites, and eventually found the agency that we used for Parker’s adoption, and that we’re currently working with for our second adoption. 

So, suffice it to say I think the web is a very important resource for gays & lesbians seeking to become adoptive parents. Discriminatory policies like those apparently in effect at Adoption.Com don’t only effect potential adoptive parents who are gay & lesbian, but also hurts children who might be adopted by placing a roadblock between them and potential adoptive parents. (See today’s earlier post, about the ACLU report on just how restricting gay & lesbian parenting hurts children.) 

I’ll be taking a a close look at the advertisers at Adoption.Com as we go through our adoption process this time, to make sure we’re in line with the boycott. in the meantime, I’d recommend checking out Potential Parents. I agree with Trey that Adoption.Com is a private organizations, but as the biggest adoption resource on the web their policy of discrimination has far-reaching effects. If they choose to discriminate, then people who don’t believe in discrimination simply shouldn’t support them. 

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  1. Hey!

    I was one of the bloggers for I should mention that I often blogged (unknowingly) about the stupidity of my Asian American gay friends having so much trouble with adopting from China and my Korean American professor friend being barred from adopting from Korea because she’s single! I was never censored at all by the parent company, but when I found out about the court case, I immediately resigned…and since my blog (The Fertility Blog) was actually really popular, they just erased my name and hired someone else to take over (although I will note, the first comment when the new person started was “Where’s Marie” (and the reply was something to the effect of me seeking greener pastures whiel I made it QUITE explicit why I was leaving).

    Anyway, now I’m free and unfettered and my inner FertilityBitch is free range. Please come by and visit: I love your site, and good luck to you.

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