On the House

P2110027.JPGIt’s been a while since I’ve posted an update on the house. Well, it’s nearly ready. It’s been a long time since the whole thing started back in September, with the demolition of the old house that was sitting on the property. Now it’s looking like will be moving in within six to eight weeks. At least that’s my best guess.

We’ve been visiting nearly every weekend, walking around to see the progress of the construction. Well, a couple of weekends ago we were finally locked out. Until then, all but one door had locks on them, so we snuck in. Now they’re all locked. That means the stuff that’s going in now is stuff the want to protect until the owners (that’s us) take possession of the house: wood floors (first floor), carpeting (study & second floor), appliances fixtures, etc.

Things were at a standstill for a bit recently, and the builder told us that’s because he was waiting for the utility companies to do their bit. Evidently, the gas and electricity have to be on and working before the hardwood floors can go in, because consistent temperature and humidity are required to keep the board from warping. (At least that’s my guess.) When we drove by last weekend, we saw where the power lines had been laid under the street (which was newly dug up and repaired) and the yard, emerging at the meter box on the side of the house.

Word from the builder is that the electricity, etc., was getting turned on this week. I guess that means they may have started putting in the floors, etc., but I don’t know for sure because we didn’t get out of the car when we drove by this afternoon. Why not? Because there was work going on! The countertops were being installed in the kitchen. We stopped long enough to watch one part of them being carried in, and made plans to come back and peek in the windows tomorrow.

Of course, now that the time is drawing near, I have a very important decision to make. My internet connection. The last few times I’ve moved, I’ve had huge headaches getting Earthlink DSL hooked up. If inevitably takes longer than they say it’s going to. And it’s not always reliable once it is hooked up.

So, I’m thinking of leaving Earthlink, after seven years. I’ve already transitioned from my Earthlink email to Gmail for Your Domain (which I’m liking, BTW). And I’m thinking of going with cable internet access. Right now, I’m considering Comcast. I hear that it’s faster, and it certainly can’t take any longer to get hooked up. We’ll probably only use it for internet, though. We’re pretty happy with DirecTV. And besides, Comcast doesn’t carry Logo in our area yet.

So, should I stay with DSL or go with cable internet?

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  1. cable internet!

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