My Next Tech Purchase? Maybe

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know by now that I’m addicted to books. I kinda treat them like an addiction anyway. I’ve almost always got one handy, so often that at least one person who shares my commute to work has commented on my habit. In fact, I’m not comfortable leaving the house without something to read. I also keep a stash handy, so even when I’m in the middle of one book (or two, since I sometimes read two at a time by switching between them on alternate days) I know where my next "fix" is coming from. When the stash gets low, I start looking for my next fix.

The problem is, I don’t get rid of them very quickly when I finish them. In fact, I run out of shelf space and start stacking them on the floor. I’ve tried selling some of them (the ones I’m unlikely to re-read or use for reference later) on Amazon. I’ve even tried releasing them "into the wild" via BookCrossing. And I’ve even got some titles available for trade on ZunaFish. I suppose I could haul them down to a secondhand bookstore, but they usually take them all, and who has the time anyway?

I’ve tried e-books too. I used to read them on my Palm Zire 72, but that’s been in the gadget graveyard for a while now. I can’t remember the last time I used it, and it’s probably completely discharged now. It fell out of use about a year ago, and I haven’t missed it. Besides, that tiny screen doesn’t offer the greatest of reading experiences. But as I sit here staring at the growing piles of books in the corner, I’m seriously considering another gadget purchase to handle growing book problem.

I heard about the Sony Reader on Engadget a while back, and made a mental note to keep an eye our for it. So when I came across the Washington Post article on Sunday, the details jogged my memory and I went to the site and put my email address on the notification list so I’d be sure to hear when it comes to a Borders near me in the next few months. While I was at it, I signed up to be notified about the iLiad from Irex technologies which is supposed to be out later

It’s come to this. Believe me, I love books. Actual books, that is. I love the feel of holding a book in my hand and turning the pages. I like love everything about books. Except, that is, watching the piles grow on my floor. It doesn’t bother me much that thus far neither Amazon or Barnes & Noble have said they’ll carry it. Both read PDF, and that’s good enough for me. If I can read an Amazon e-book on either, I’m sold.

So, when either the Sony Reader or the iLiad hits stores. I’ll probably take the plunge and get one. Even though I know the perils of being an early adopter. Even though neither will likely be Mac compatible, I’ll fire up the PC for the Sony Reader or the iLiad, unless Apple has something up its sleeve. The only other choice is to continue as I’ve been doing, which means that someday somebody’s gonna find me crushed to death under a collapsed pile of books.

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