Stephen Colbert Speaks for Me

Too much “truthiness” can be such a good thing.

This has been all over the internets by now. So much that I didn’t know there’s a virtual media blackout of Stephen Colbert’s inspired riffing of Bush and his supporters at the White House correspondents’ dinner. So, in the spirit of doing what the media apparently won’t (because Colbert zinged them a few times too), here’s the video.

And with that, Colbert joins the list of media men I love. There’s a transcript and a full report as well. Of course, ya gotta wonder who invited the guy?

I’ve joked in the past that American’s don’t “do” irony anymore, and in the case of whoever invited Colbert it must be true. Still, I don’t entirely blame whoever invited him, and I hope he/she doesn’t lose his/her job over it, because I have to admit that even I didn’t get Colbert at first.

More than a couple of times while watching The Colbert Report I found myself lunging for the remote after something he said before I stopped and reminded myself “he’s kidding, it’s just a parody.” What’s entertaining and unnerving about Colbert, and what makes him great at what he does, is that the parody is so close to the reality of what some people believe — including some very powerful people — that it brings home how easily absurdities bleed through to become unquestioned collective assumptions, and thus even policy.

And that’s scary. That’s why Colbert makes me reach for the remote, before I realize his actually speaking to and for people like me, and right past or over the heads of some of the folks in his audience for the correspondents’ dinner.

Thanks, Stephen. I get it now. Next time I’ll leave the remote where it is.

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2 Responses to Stephen Colbert Speaks for Me

  1. Shannon says:

    I especially loved the quote that “reality has a well-known liberal bias.” Well, when good scientific research (which is my field, by the way, and I have been taught how to evaluate research and pick out which is done well and what’s lousy) says that abstinence only sex-ed programs don’t work and children of gays turn out fine, along with other supposedly liberal ideas, but really only ideas based on facts, then yeah, I guess that’s true.

  2. Thanks for posting the video…I didn’t notice that there has not been any “mainstream media” coverage of Colbert’s smackdown of Bush (and the washington punditocracy!) while “entertaining” them at the White House Correspondents’ dinner on Saturday night.

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