Bigotry & Belief

As long as we’re talking about scientific types (see the previous post about MIT) head over to Dispatches from the Culture Wars, where Ed is holding forth on the latest madness from the Traditional Values Coalition, in the form of their objection to CBS airing a GLAAD PSA.

I highly recommend reading the whole thing, but here’s the nugget that stood out to me.

Regardless of whether homosexuality can be changed, it would not follow that therefore it is a bad thing to be against discrimination and prejudice, or that it’s a bad thing to be friends with gays.

… Is there some sort of taboo against telling someone their religious beliefs are wrong? What about people who are motivated by their religious views, particularly by the words of Jesus (“Whatever you do unto the least of these, you do unto me also”), to befriend gays and to protest discrimination against them? Isn’t the TVC telling those people that their religious views are wrong? Wrong views should be called wrong views, whether those views are religious or not. Attaching the word “religious” to an idea doesn’t make that idea immune from criticism.

Actually, I’d like somebody to explain that last sentence to some of our cowering congressional Democrats.

Anyway, read the whole thing. I highly recommend it.

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