Is It Fitzmas Yet?

Apparently, this is just breaking. Karl Rove has been indicted on charges of perjury and lying to investigators.

Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald spent more than half a day Friday at the offices of Patton Boggs, the law firm representing Karl Rove.

During the course of that meeting, Fitzgerald served attorneys for former Deputy White House Chief of Staff Karl Rove with an indictment charging the embattled White House official with perjury and lying to investigators related to his role in the CIA leak case, and instructed one of the attorneys to tell Rove that he has 24 hours to get his affairs in order, high level sources with direct knowledge of the meeting said Saturday morning.

TalkLeft says Rove could avoid prison by pleading guilty and continuing to cooperate, and the 15-hour meeting between Fitzgerald and Roves’s attorney’s means they might be hammering our such a deal.

And then there’s the recent filing from Scooter Libby in the Plame case, which raises some interesting questions about Dick Cheney too.

The role of Vice President Dick Cheney in the criminal case stemming from the outing of White House critic Joseph Wilson’s CIA wife is likely to get fresh attention as a result of newly disclosed notes showing that Cheney personally asked whether Wilson had been sent by his wife on a “junket” to Africa.

Cheney’s notes, written on the margins of a July 6, 2003 New York Times op-ed column by former ambassador Joseph Wilson, were included as part of a filing Friday night by prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald in the perjury and obstruction case against ex-Cheney chief of staff I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby.

The notes, Fitzgerald said in his filing, show that Cheney and Libby were “acutely focused” on the Wilson column and on rebutting his criticisms of the White House’s handling of pre-Iraq war intelligence.

…In the margins of the op-ed, Cheney jotted out a series of questions that seemed to challenge many of Wilson’s assertions as well as the legitimacy of his CIA sponsored trip to Africa: “Have they done this sort of thing before? Send an Amb. [sic] to answer a question? Do we ordinarily send people out pro bono to work for us? Or did his wife send him on a junket?”

Kinda puts Cheney in the middle of it too. I’m trying to imagine the Bush administration without Rove. Now I’m trying to imagine it without Cheney. Bush without his “brain” is one thing, but the Bush administration with out its dark, dark heart in the person of Dick Cheney is something else entirely.

My gut, however, says Cheney isn’t going anywhere. The White House will lose Rove — though it would be a terrible loss — before it loses Cheney. If Rove can get out of going to prison, he will. And he’ll resign, but find a way to keep his finger at least a few pies in the White House, just without being on the payroll. (And he’ll be well taken care of by those he’s helped on the way up and who owe him favors.)

This is going to be an interesting week, I think.

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    Do you happen to know how credible truthout is on an issue like this?

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