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I don’t read the Power Line blog that often, because I don’t often read right wing blogs, but when I saw that the Daou Report had linked to their post about Ray Nagin’s election win in New Orleans, I went over to read the whole thing.

The short version is this: Dumb niggers elected the wrong person.

Ray Nagin, who came up so short during Hurricane Katrina, has been re-elected mayor of New Orleans. A recent Tulane University poll had shown Landrieu leading Nagin by 10 percentage points. But the race was hard to predict because the electorate was scattered by Katrina, and no one was sure of the extent to which it had returned….

Having witnessed Marion Barry repeatedly elected mayor of Washington, D.C., I can’t say I’m surprised at Nagin’s success. Re-electing an unsuccessful or disgraced mayor apparently can become a source of civic pride, particularly when the racial politics are right.

It goes back to something I’ve said before about what conservatives usually say about black voters who fail to vote Republican, even though Mitch Landreiu is also a Democrat.

My point has always been that Republicans — like other predominantly white organizations — spend more time asking why more black people aren’t joining them than they do asking themselves why they aren’t attracting more black supporters.

In other words, they avoid the reality that the reason they don’t attract more black supporters is because they don’t address — and aren’t seen as addressing — the needs and concerns of many in black communities. The analysis never gets further than that because it would probably undermine their current base of power. So every discussion I’ve had ends up with the other side’s argument boiling down to this: the reason more blacks don’t support the Republican party is because they don’t know what’s good for them.

That’s the nice way of putting it. The more blunt way of putting it would be much closer to the way the conservative blogger above put it. Because they are dumb. The blacks who don’t vote Republican are dumb.

And obviously not much has changed since then. The best conservatives can do to explain Nagin’s win is that black voters (what else could the Marion Barry reference mean?) were just too dumb to know what’s good for them and elected the wrong guy again.

Granted, Mitch Landreiu is also a Democrat, but the least that black folks in New Orleans could have done, to show their appreciation for being granted the vote in the first place, was the vote for the white guy. Dumb niggers couldn’t even manage that.

While there is a lesson to be learned on both sides of the aisle — that no segment of the electorate appreciates having their intelligence insulted, something I’ve been guilty of forgetting too — what’s interesting is that the guys at Power Line bemoan the “racial politics” they see reflected in the results of New Orleans’ mayoral race, but they don’t see themselves contributing to those same racial politics in their own post.

But if you read between the lines, it’s not hard to miss.

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One Response to Shorter Power Line

  1. Tim Who? says:

    Ok, you lost me on this one.

    It reads like your saying the Republicans are upset because a Democrat didn’t win? Come again?

    Wasn’t Nagin a life long Republican before becoming Mayor?
    Didn’t he campaign for a Republican candidate for Governor, Bobby Jindal?

    Now to tell the truth I have no idea if Nagin was/is a good Mayor or not. And that I’ll leave up to the good people of New Orleans.

    Nor do I know if Landrieu would have been a good Mayor, though I do know his father was a good civil rights role model.

    What I do know is people, (not black people) PEOPLE have a nasty habit of voting against their self interests. I would agree that bringing up Barry was a low blow, but in terms of people voting against their self interests, it is a good example.

    But for me Barry is small time. If one seeks an outstanding example of people voting against their self interests one need look no further the The President of the United States.

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