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What is with with right wing nutbags and death threats? Now Susan Sarandon says she’s gotten some too. How soon before someone gets killed just for being liberal? 

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Cho’s Choice

It’s late, and normally I wouldn’t be blogging now, but I was just reading Margaret Cho’s blog post about splitting with her business partner, and this passage just jumped out at me. Ultimately, I had to leave because she made … Continue reading

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Country Music Twang

Is anybody gonna tell Faith Hill and Tim McGraw to shut up and sing?

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Oscar, the Morning After

So much for the great gay lovefest at the Oscars. Our coveted golden boy, like so many other men before, slunk out in the middle of the night without even leaving a twenty on the dresser. But, that doesn’ t … Continue reading

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Anderson Cooper has a blog. I have a crush on Anderson Cooper. Thus, he just joined my blogroll. Does he need a link from me? Nope. Can I stop myself from giving him one? Nope.

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Anderson Cooper in Leather

If you’ve read this blog for a while, you know how I feel about Anderson Cooper. So, you can imagine that this video kinda made my day. So, I offer it this evening for everyone’s enjoyment. Via Queerty.

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Ban Baptists from Broadway

And Hollywood, and just about anywhere else that culture, art, and homosexuality intersect. Because they just can’t handle it. I’ve been reading various reports about the controversy that gay actor and activist Chad Allen’s star turn in the missionary flick … Continue reading

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Zac Efron Shirtless

It’s one of the more mystifying things I’ve noticed about this blog since I started it. One of the most popular posts — and the one with the most comments — is a totally non-political one that’s little more than … Continue reading

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Bully for Bullies

I’ve written about this before, but yesterdayI experienced a moment of cultural schizophrenia so funny that I couldn’t pass up making note of it here. It started this morning when I scanned my newsfeeds and came across this CNN piece … Continue reading

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Celebrity Look-Alike, Too

I’ve been at home with the kid all day, so not much in the way of extensive blogging today (except for a post I wrote last night), but this proved an interesting diversion. If you go to and upload … Continue reading

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End Times? Show Time!

I have to admit, I have a fascination with a certain movie genre. I have for years, actually. It started years ago when I came across The Rapture at my local Blockbusters, and rented it as soon as I read … Continue reading

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MLK, A Dream Deterred

Imagine, for a moment, anyone saying stuff like this today.

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Ooga Chaka

I clicked when I shouldn’t have clicked, and for that I’m truly sorry. But misery loves company, so here it is. Click if you dare.

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The Hitcher, The Director & Dubya

This is just one of those things I can’t help but point out, because the idea hit me as soon as I read it. The connections are just too interesting not to mention it. Independent Sources leans somewhat to the … Continue reading

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Noah’s Arc Sinking?

I got one comment about Noah’s Arc — the Logo network’s show about the lives of a group of black gay male friends — being in danger of cancellation. I haven’t found any concrete information about that, but it wouldn’t … Continue reading

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