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I know the Bush economic plan is to stick our kids with the bill for their war, tax cuts, etc. I just thought they’d be out of high school when the bill came due.

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It’s Not What You know

In fact, it’s not who you know either. It may just be what you have. I’ll be the first to admit that once I start straying into the subject of economics, I’m probably going to find myself very quickly in … Continue reading

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Your Own Conservative Jesus

I don’t know where I stumbled across this or why I haven’t seen this before, as it’s been around a while, but it remindes of some of the stuff I’ve been posting about lately about the “gospel of plenty.” The … Continue reading

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When the Saints Go Cashing In

This morning I came across an article that reminded me of some of the things I wrote about back during the Katrina aftermath, about the conservative belief that wealth is a indication of moral virtue. Every once in a while … Continue reading

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The Deserving & Undeserving Poor

Lynne over at BOPNews asks an interesting question. Today is Christmas day, and I’m guessing if you looked at American rates of charitable giving throughout the year, you’d see us as most generous in the month of December. So puzzle … Continue reading

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Obama Breaks it Down

I meant to post about this yesterday, but didn’t have time. I noticed Sen. Barak Obama “broke it down” concerning conservative socio-economic designs. “It’s called the ‘Ownership society’ in Washington. This isn’t the first time this philosophy has appeared. It … Continue reading

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There Goes the Neighborhood

I’ve written about gentrification here before, it’s a frequent topic on one of the local blogs I read — In Shaw — where I picked up this Washington Post piece on gentrification. I couldn’t help chuckling a little when I … Continue reading

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Bankrupt America

Now we begin to feel it. Remember that bankruptcy bill that Congress passed and Bush signed earlier this year? You know the one. The Republicans’ gift to to the banks and credit card companies? Well, it takes effect this month … Continue reading

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Poor Gay Parents

So much for the stereotype that gays are predominantly white, male, affluent and childless. There’s a new study indicating that the opposite is more often the case than some might think, and that often gay parents are poorer than straight … Continue reading

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Drown the Poor

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Conservatives/Republicans think that the poor — even those who find themselves in the path of a hurricane, with no escape — generally deserve whatever they get. Most conservaties won’t come right … Continue reading

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So Much for “Thou Shalt Not Kill”

So, Pat Robertson has called for the assassination of Hugo Chavez, the president of Venuzuela. Media Matters has the video and transcript. ROBERTSON: There was a popular coup that overthrew him [Chavez]. And what did the United States State Department … Continue reading

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Drop the Hammer

And the nails, and the saw, and those two-by-fours. Pretty much hold everything. That’s the message that some folks building new homes or expanding existing homes in Chevy Chase, MD are getting from their neighbors. I realize that I don’t … Continue reading

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