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Gay? It’s All in Your Mind.

Or, according to a new study, it’s all in your brain. Lesbians’ brains react differently to sex hormones than those of heterosexual women. An earlier study of gay men also showed their brain response was different from straight men — … Continue reading

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The hubby and I watched the last episode of TransGeneration on Logo last night. As with Rene’s story a couple of weeks ago, I was deeply moved and fascinated by the parents who accepted, embraced, and supported their children through … Continue reading

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Weekend Book Review: Self-Made Man

Given my interest in the whole subject of gender, and how often I’ve written about it here, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I picked up a copy of Norah Vincent’s Self-Made Man : One Woman’s Journey into Manhood … Continue reading

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Masulinity as Memoir

Rachel has recommended a few times that I read Michael Kimmel’s essay “Masculinity as Homophobia,” and was kind a while back enough to send me a link to a copy of it after my own searches yielded little more than … Continue reading

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Courting Equality

I’ve written once or twice before about the whole idea of minorities pursuing justice via the court system, and a Maryland circuit court judge’s ruling the state’s ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional — and state Democrats hoping the Court of … Continue reading

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Raising Cain, Decoding the Boy

I was not a “normal” boy. I accepted this a long time ago, but that was before I was raising a boy of my own. At some point in the last three years, the hubby and I passed from having … Continue reading

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Intead of calling the self-appointed “pro-life” movement the “anti-choice” movment, what if we started calling them the “forced-birth” movement?

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No big surprise, but I gotta wonder about these test results. I mean, I’ve never claimed to be the epitome of masculinity, but I can’t help thinking these results are somewhat bogus. At least a little. Maybe?

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