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From “Ex-Gay” to Ex-Boyfriend?

Well, yeah. If your "ex-homo" beau isn’t putting out. That’s the advice you’ll apparently get from a Focus on the Family advice columnist. RawStory clued me in to this tidbit, which appeared on the FoF website but was late removed, … Continue reading

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A Thought for V-Day

I’ve been sitting here for half the day trying to come up with something witty, profound, or uplifting to say about Valentines Day. Not the hype (or that justifiable hate for that hype). Just the day, and what it’s about. … Continue reading

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Get Hitched, Get Healthy

Here’s a tidbit related to same-sex marriage that I hope doesn’t fall into the hands of, say, Pat Robertson or some other frothy-mouthed right winger, because they’re sure to add it to their many reasons for opposing same-sex marriage: it … Continue reading

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The Best Part of My Day

…without a doubt, has to be when I open our front door in the evening, and Parker jumps up and yells “Daddy!”, and comes racing over to give me a hug.

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Key to My Heart

Well, that key is already taken; co-owned by the hubby and the kid. But this quiz comes up with some interesting answers as to what might make up that key. The Keys to Your Heart You are attracted to good … Continue reading

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Honey-Do, Spanish-Style

This is funny, and something any married person can probably relate to. No matter if you have a husband or a wife, you probaby have a “honey-do” list (i.e. “honey, do this,” “honey, do that, ” etc.). Normally, it just … Continue reading

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Something So Right

I started off the day borrowing from a post of Sheherazade’s, and as she wraps up her “Google Day” it seems appropriate to wrap up my day with her last post. Someone googled “what to men for in a girlfriend” … Continue reading

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True Google Confessions

Sheherazade is doing “Google Day” on her blog, in which she answers various Google queries that brought folks to her site. (That’s one idea I fully intend to borrow later.) There’s one post “Bad Reasons To Date A Guy,” that … Continue reading

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From Different Corners

It’s late, and I should be going to bed because I have another full day ahead of me tomorrow. But as I was catching up with my blog reading, there were two posts that I just felt I wanted to … Continue reading

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All Request Friday – Parenting

Two interesting questions about parenting came in. Lauren asks, “What you didn’t expect about parenthood?” On this, I hardly know where to begin. Before we adopted Parker, I read just about every book on parenting and childcare that I could … Continue reading

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All Request Friday – The Day We Met

Tom asked, “How and where you met your partner and how long it was before it dawned on you that he was the one?” Seems like as good a question as any to kick off “All Request Friday.” Sitting here … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary

I can’t let the day go by without wishing a happy six year anniversary to Mike (of Prime Time) and E. J. (of ej flavors). After reading both of their anniversary posts, I just wanted to post a little shout … Continue reading

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It’s Personal

If you’ve been reading this blog lately (which seems to have become a one-issue blog in the past couple of weeks), then you know that the same-sex marriage issue is an important one to me. It’s one that reaches into … Continue reading

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Three Little Words

According toa poll conducted by Reader’s Digest and the Gallup organization most Americans say ‘I Love You’ every day . Seventy-three percent claimed they said it once a day, including 71 percent of men and 74 percent of women. In … Continue reading

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On(line) Dating

Mark of Zeizeuge had a post on dating today that reminded me of my own dating experience, and he mentioned that if anyone ever wrote a book on how to catch a husband he would buy it. Well, back during … Continue reading

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