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A Playlist for Hillary

Hillary Clinton has an iPod. Yeah, and so do Condi, Dubya, and at least half of Washington, based on my observations during the morning and evening commutes. What’s on it is the real interesting question. “I’ve got everything — a … Continue reading

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My iTunes Signature

I game across the iTunes Signature Maker and decided to give it a spin after reading the description. People often ask me what music I listen to, and I find it difficult to describe my enormous music collection in just … Continue reading

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Write Your Own Caption #17

Here’s your chance to write ad copy for those with bad cases of Mac lust. Via MetaFilter. Technorati Tags: humor, ipod, mac, sexuality, technology

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Casting Dem Pods

That ill-concieved pun in the post is a way of announcing that the folks over at DemsTV — where I’ve made a couple of appearances — are already taking advantage of the new generation of video iPods by releasing video … Continue reading

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The video iPod is here. And the new iTunes includes music videos and TV shows. I think my assimilation is now complete, because I totally want one of these, even though I totally don’t need one. I think I’m now … Continue reading

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What Would You Do for an iPod?

For some young D.C. residents, the list knows no bounds. I read this a few minutes ago, and just had to post it. After the iBook riot, this is just further evidence of how far some people will go for … Continue reading

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MSN Beta Broken

Nick is right. MSN Beta looks pretty freakin’ horrible in Firefox.    But is doesn’t look a whole lot better in Internet Explorer.    Of course that probably has somethign to do with the fact that I’m on a Mac … Continue reading

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iBook Riot

I almost considered going to one of these "iBook for $50" sales that was going on in my area last week. But I figured I already have the one I use for work and didn’t need another one. (Though it … Continue reading

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Hold That Tiger?

OK. So I upgraded to Mac OS X Tiger last night, at work and at home. And while it’s probably a bit early for me to offer anything in the way of a review, a couple of things jumped out … Continue reading

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Another quickie, just to say that I finally upgraded to Max OS X Tiger at work. I’ll probably upgrade the home computer tonight, after the kid goes to bed. I haven’t had a chance to try out all the new … Continue reading

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We Have a Winner

And—surprise, surprise!—it’s me. Engadget had a contest for the best Mac mini review a while back, and I submitted a revised version of the one-week-with-the-mini review I posted here. Well, thanks to a comment from Brad, I just found out … Continue reading

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Neat Mac Tricks

So, I’m enjoying the Mac mini immensely. I’m particuarly enjoying all the little trips and tricks I’ve been picking up here and there. Some favorites of mine include some keyboard shortcuts I’ve learned. Like “command key + ~” (on my … Continue reading

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I can’t believe I did it on the first try, but I’ve successfully networked the PC to the mini, and my iTunes library is moving from the former to the latter.

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One Week With the Mac Mini

I never expected to become a Mac user. Really, I didn’t. Not that I was all that enamoured of Windows, but it was just the OS I had the most experience with. Besides, as a pretty avid computer gamer, if … Continue reading

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Got an Ipod & Bought a Mac?

They want to hear from you. And me.

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