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Media Matters notes that Oliver North asked why Dean hadn’t denounced anti-gay protesters at soldiers’ funerals, and implied that the protesters — Fred Phelps and family — may be “liberals” or Democratic supporters. Ollie missed the point. Maybe the reason … Continue reading

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Stephen Colbert Speaks for Me

Too much “truthiness” can be such a good thing. This has been all over the internets by now. So much that I didn’t know there’s a virtual media blackout of Stephen Colbert’s inspired riffing of Bush and his supporters at … Continue reading

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Gay Media Matters

Gay Brits are launching their own version of Media Matters for gay issues. We need more of that here.

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Stuck in the Middle

Well, that didn’t take long. The afterglow of my “Stroking the Middle of the Blogosphere” had just worn off when a co-worker mentioned to me the New Yorker article about the A-List bloggers, “Blogs to Riches – The Haves and … Continue reading

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Chris Matthews, Media Bully

“We have the media now.” ~ Ann Coulter  Well, they do. And that’s the problem. I use this analogy probably more often than I should, but that’s because it’s one that resonates with many people. Remember the schoolyard bully? Every … Continue reading

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Happy New Year Baby Noor, From America

This is probably not the kind of thing we’re supposed to be talking about this time of year, what with all the parties to go to champagne to drink, and choruses of Auld Lang Syne to sing. But I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Slouching Towards Narnia

RedState .Org has launched a Narnia Hate Watch. How long before they find me, I wonder? Here at Redstate we have been struck by the level of unabashed odium that the upcoming film The Chronicles of Narnia has already provoked. … Continue reading

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Remember when I said that Judy Miller might be the first person to lose their job in the Plame outing scandal? (Actually it turned out to be Scooter Libby, who resigned.) I take it back. Now it appears Judy isn’t … Continue reading

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Pete Williams, Tap-Dancing on Plame

Dave Sirota points to a tidbit on the Huffnigton Post, concerning the reality that Pete Williams — Dick Cheney’s former press man from his days as Secretary of Defense during Bush Sr.’s administration is covering the Libby indictment for NBC. … Continue reading

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Express Quote

I didn’t realize it, because I didn’t pick one up this morning, but my blog post about Karl Rove missing the Kilgore fundraiser in Virginia was quoted in today’s Washington Post Express. Thanks to Justin for pointing it out to … Continue reading

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Me & the BBC

I’m a little nervous right now. You see, in half an hour, I’m being interviewed by BBC Radio. They tracked me down through a post on Morph the Media Center blog (originally posted here an then crossposted to Morph), where … Continue reading

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Matt Makes the List

Of men I love, in the media. It was such a lovely photo op — President Bush and his wife joining the volunteers building a house in Louisiana. The perfect backdrop for an upbeat interview, live on NBC’s Today Show. … Continue reading

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Big Easy Beat-Down

Here we go again. As if the subjects of race and brutality haven’t been played out enough in the wake of hurricane Katrina, we now have video of a news story we’ll probably hear more about in the coming week. … Continue reading

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Bush: Bully as Victim

One of the most mystifying characteristics of the Bush administration is how the president, and a number of people in his administration, not only regularly escape blame for disastrous policy decision, but often end up winning an astounding degree of … Continue reading

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Liveblogging We Media

10:00 am – New York City: OK. So Al Gore is speaking. (Yeah, yeah. Of course he’s speaking here, because he invented the internet.) He does gigs like this when he’s not busy saving people from disaster.

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