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Boss from Hell

I’ve been seeing previews for The Devil Wears Prada, and as much as I’d like to see Meryl Streep sink her teeth into what looks like a pretty over-the-top role, I don’t think we’ll be spending any babysitting mojo on … Continue reading

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Movies 101 Meme

How "movie literate" are you? After rating over 900 movies on Netflix, I figured I must be passably literate when it comes to movies. So when I saw the 101 movies meme, based on Roger Ebert’s list of moves you … Continue reading

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Oscar, the Morning After

So much for the great gay lovefest at the Oscars. Our coveted golden boy, like so many other men before, slunk out in the middle of the night without even leaving a twenty on the dresser. But, that doesn’ t … Continue reading

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A Brokeback Review

We finally saw Brokeback Mountain. The first time, Parker got a case of the scoots and we got called to pick him up just before showtime. The second time, it snowed, and out babysitter was trapped in Virginia. But the … Continue reading

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Spelling Hypocrisy

Margaret Spellings doesn’t like Buster, but she liked Brokeback. And now we have a new way to spell “h-y-p-o-c-r-i-s-y.”

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Brokeback Heart Attack

This is funny.  Strong willed Baptist Pastors across this Christian nation have been keeping mum regarding their concerns about the popularity of the new pro-sodomite film, “Brokeback Mountain.” There is an unspoken edict among conservative religious leaders to keep silent … Continue reading

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Ban Baptists from Broadway

And Hollywood, and just about anywhere else that culture, art, and homosexuality intersect. Because they just can’t handle it. I’ve been reading various reports about the controversy that gay actor and activist Chad Allen’s star turn in the missionary flick … Continue reading

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The Hitcher, The Director & Dubya

This is just one of those things I can’t help but point out, because the idea hit me as soon as I read it. The connections are just too interesting not to mention it. Independent Sources leans somewhat to the … Continue reading

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Heartland Values

I haven’t commented yet on the theater in Utah that cancelled its showings of  Brokeback Mountain, but Kip notes that the same theater is showing the latest Quentin Tarantino-backed bloodfest, Hostel. (Note: You might not want to watch the preview … Continue reading

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Seeing Syriana

Today, during some rare and much-needed time off and alone, I did something I rarely ever do. I went to see a movie…in a theater. And, as the hubby and I have very different tastes in movies, I took the … Continue reading

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He’s Not There?

I finally got around to watching the documentary The God Who Wasn’t There I wrote about it a while back, after learning of it’s existence, and added it to my Netflix queue — moving it to the top once it … Continue reading

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Slouching Towards Narnia

RedState .Org has launched a Narnia Hate Watch. How long before they find me, I wonder? Here at Redstate we have been struck by the level of unabashed odium that the upcoming film The Chronicles of Narnia has already provoked. … Continue reading

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Saying No to Narnia

As has been noted before, I have a knack for taking rather innocuous social institutions, etc., and reading way too much into them. So, I won’t go into a diatribe about the The Chronicles of Narnia — even as the … Continue reading

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Making Machinima

I’m still fiddling around with The Movies, and finding it exactly the kind of computer game that appeals to me. I’ve never been much for first-person shooters, and I’ve never been very good at them. I’d much rather see what … Continue reading

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The Movies: Pansy Productions

So, I was such a good boy yesterday — meeting and surpassing my NaNoWriMo word quota — that I treated myself to some time playing around with The Movies last night. After going through the tutorial, playing a basic game, … Continue reading

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