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No Tears Formula

I’ve seen the “what movie scenes make you cry?” meme at both Feministe and Roxanne’s. Maybe I’m just one cold-hearted SOB, because I can hardly name any movies that get my waterworks going. I can come up with a long … Continue reading

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Phoenix Rising

There are probably a lot more serious and important things I could be blogging about right now, but I feel like pausing for a brief moment of mindless celebrity worship after reading this New York Times piece about one of … Continue reading

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Nobody Gets Out of Here Who’s Not White

This weekend I finally watched Hotel Rwanda, having been inspired to rent it after reading We Wish To Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families. Both are unforgettable stories of the genocide that took place in … Continue reading

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Pity the Poor Straight White Male

Here’s one for the "What’s wrong with America today" file. James Woods thinks being a straight white guy just ain’t what it used to be. "In this politically correct era, the middle-aged heterosexual white guy gets to play one part, … Continue reading

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With Billie

Sorry about last night’s lack of posts, but an old friend dropped by and I had to spend some time with her.

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Always, Lady

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here before, but I love Billie Holiday. It started back in my teens, when I was coming out and immediately felt an affinity with the hurt and longing in her voice. Nobody, but … Continue reading

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The God Who Wasn’t There

Via LinkFilter comes the next movie to be added to my Netflix queue. I thought it might be appropriate for a Sunday link. Bowling for Columbine did it to the gun culture. Super Size Me did it to fast food. … Continue reading

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Eternal Sunshine, Spottless Mind

Katharine asked, so I thought I’d offer up a review of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It’s premise, of people erasing certain memories from their brains, was enough to draw me in despite the fact that it stars Jim … Continue reading

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All Consuming Back

Good news, and a bit of housekeeping. AllConsuming.Net is back. I’m pleased because I liked the idea of having a book list on the blog. It’s also expanded to include movies, music, and other stuff. So I’ve restored the list … Continue reading

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And now for something compeltely different. A movie review. I’d wanted to see Ray basically from the moment I heard it was being made. Ray Charles was a big part of my musical education when I was growing up, mainly … Continue reading

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Good Night

It’s been quite a day. Probably no further blogging tonight. I’m gonna snuggle with the hubby on the couch and watch Ray.

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Wanna Be Freinds?

I’m finally getting back to tending my Netflix queue (next up Ray and The Day After Tomorrow, and I’m checking out their new Friends feature. If you’re a movie buff and wanna be on my friends list, drop me a … Continue reading

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Post-Oscars Thoughts

It occured to me last night, that the past couple of years have seen a sort of “browning of the Oscars” in terms of who gets nominated and who wins. Wins by Jamie Foxx and Morgan Freeman (who, in my … Continue reading

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Braff Blogs

I get the strangest celebrity crushes at times, and for a while now I’ve had one on Zach Braff—currently starring in the new movie Garden State and on NBC’s comedy Scrubs, but who first caught my eye in The Broken … Continue reading

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Turning Up the Heat in Texas?

It appears Bush can’t any peace, even in Crawford Texas. Michael Moore is taking his film, Fahrenheit 9/11 to Crawfor for a special showing. President Bush’s weeklong trip to his ranch will be rudely interrupted Wednesday when filmmaker Michael Moore … Continue reading

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