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Talkin’ With T.?

I think about I’m ready to venture into the realm of podcasting. During the holidays, I gave myself the gift of a USB headset, in hopes that I’d figure out some way of using it to bring podcasting to this … Continue reading

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Ex-Ex-Gay on LIA

The podcast news report about Zach’s blogswarm is now available at PlanetOut. You’ll need RealPlayer or Windows Media Player to listen to it. (Warning, I don’t think it supports Mac. So you might want to try my previous post if … Continue reading

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Zach-cast Published

The Podcast report on Zach’s blogswarm has been published, and be heard/downloaded at this link. It’s about towards the end of the full program. It isn’t available yet on PlanetOut’s radio page, but it should be soon. If you just … Continue reading

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On the Radio with Roxanne

This makes podcast number six. This time around, I had a fascinating chat with Roxanne Ross who is president of the Transgender Education Association in Arlington, VA. I really enjoyed the conversation, and could have chatted with Roxanne much longer.

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Casting Pods

Let’s see, I think this makes my fifth podcast. I’ve got another one in the can that’ll be coming online in two or three days, and it looks like I’ll be doing more of them, so I’ve added a new … Continue reading

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C.G. & Me

Yet another podcast. This time I’m chatting with my friend (and former co-worker) Christian Grantham, about blogging and gay politcs.

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Back on the Radio

I’ve been back in the studio, and I’ve got another podcast up. This time, I had the pleasure of chatting with Eric Graves, of the Virginia Grassroots Coalition. Stop by and give it a listen.

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Podcast #2

Just a note that my second official postcast is now available online. This time around, I’m interviewing Bruce Roemmelt, a former Navy man, Vietnam Vet, and retired fire fighter who is currently running for Virginia House Delegate for the 13th … Continue reading

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On the (Web) Radio

A few days ago, at work, I recorded my first ever “podcast.” It was an interesting experience. I did some radio work when I was in college, even hosted a weekly call-in talk show. It’s been a long time, and … Continue reading

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